New Fiat 500 turned into a electric car

New Fiat 500 turned into a electric car


Became known details about the subcompact Fiat 500 hatchback new generation, which will be produced in parallel with the old. The new “five hundredth” is based on the original pyatovskoe electric mobility platform and able to travel up to 320 km on a single charge.

The Fiat brand has high hopes for the new 500e (the letter “e” indicates electrical power installation) – upgraded recently for 700 million euros in the Mirafiori plant in Turin is designed to produce 80 thousand cars a year, but announced key features a new “train” cause to doubt its success.

It is known that the Fiat 500e is slightly larger than its predecessor: the wheelbase is increased to 2320 mm (+20 mm), overall length – up to 3610 mm (+60 mm), width – 1690 mm (+60 mm), but the exterior design has not fundamentally changed. Accurately identify the novelty big number 500 on the front, took the place of conventional pyatovskoe logos, and embedded in the hood led “eyebrows” round headlights.


A new salon, dirizhabelnaya front panel with a docked thereto 10.25-inch tablet, multimedia system Uconnect 5, which is in charge of including microclimate. The dashboard has become completely virtual, its 7-inch screen is inscribed in the signature for the model a spherical visor. Textured upper part of the panel can have a variety of designs and will be the main field of customization of the model. For Fiat 500e provides a huge number of variants of colors upholstery, door cards and soft top, a wide palette of bright colors for the body and a variety of outlandish rims.

But in the segment of electric vehicles is still a success not determined by designer gadgets, and appliances. The only motor “five hundredth” produces 88 kW (120 HP) and propels the little car to the first “hundred” for 9 seconds, maximum speed – 150 km/h. is Fed to the motor from the floor lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 42 kWh, a full charge which is enough for 320 km on the WLTP cycle. Full long charge from a home outlet will take 14 hours and from the powerful 85-kilowatt Express terminal to fill the battery to 80% in just 35 minutes.

For the power unit provided for the mode of operation “one-pedal”, when you release the accelerator the car begins to rapidly slow down through regenerative braking, and also the condition of the Sherpa that allows you to stretch on the residual battery power as long as possible (maximum speed is limited at 80 km/h).

At the start of sales for the Fiat 500e in Europe will ask from 37 900 euros, which is, to put it mildly, a bit much. For comparison, the electric hatchback Honda e (battery 35.5 kW·h, power reserve of 220 km) is from 33 EUR 850 and the larger Volkswagen ID.3 in the basic configuration (45 kWh, 330 km) will cost less than 30 thousand euros. Of budget alternatives, you can consider the Volkswagen e-up! (32,3 kWh, 260 km) 21 975 euros and it is really “nischebrodsky” Citroen Ami (5,5 kW·h, the 70 km) for 6,000 euros.


In General, it will be the new electric “piatek” on the market, but, first, the price can then be lowered, and second, the old petrol Fiat 500 is still in service. This veteran A-class is produced since 2007, but still enjoys wide popularity among Europeans in the past year 017 sold 175 copies – this is the second place in the class after the Fiat Panda (184 027 PCs). Let’s add that the basic petrol Fiat 500 with petrol 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine (70 HP) and it is bolted to the starter-generator only costs 13 990 euros.

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