New firmware Tesla has allowed owners to sing karaoke at the wheel

New firmware Tesla has allowed owners to sing karaoke at the wheel


The company Tesla has released a major update to the software – firmware 10.0 is calling feature electric car with a distance of 30 meters, you have access to streaming video and audio, when full karaoke with duplication of text in the Central display and other innovations.

In the new software version is expanded the range of the Summon feature that allows the owner of the “drone” to move the electric vehicle via a mobile application. If an early “Tesla” with the autopilot you can “call” from several feet away, after updating the electric car will be able to access the host from the sight, that is, from thirty metres. Tesla will be able to avoid obstacles, however, in case of extraordinary situation, the responsibility for the incident will fall on the owner.


Another novelty is that Tesla Theater. From now on, start a fullscreen video on the Central display of the electric vehicle. However, the videos from YouTube, Netflix or Hulu can be viewed only in a parked car. In addition, electric cars received upgraded Navigator with the possibility of visiting a random point of catering or casual sightseeing.

To update the software, Tesla owners will be able by pressing a few buttons and connect to the wireless Internet. Fans of the Californian brand is already referred to as the firmware of the tenth version of the global update of software in the history of the brand.

Your machine updates are available “over the air”?

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