New First Edition Bentley Bentayga Luxury SUV!

New First Edition Bentley Bentayga Luxury SUV!


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look at this brand new bentley bentega key this is 2021 model and this could be yours so i’m teaming up with omaze and they are giving away a brand new 2021 bentley bentega plus 20 000 in cash you can get that in the boot of this car don’t worry about shipping and taxes that is all covered by omaze so for your chance to win this baby this luxurious bentley and put it in your garage at home just go to this website right now forward slash blondie type that in you see this right here look at this crystal glass inspired headlights i love these some of the most beautiful headlights in the business right we’re gonna review this right now and see what could be sitting in your garage this is the brand new bentley bentayga massive thanks to vip motors here in dubai they have actually lent me this car to show you around this is actually the first edition so this is the first version on the market of the 2021 models this is not the exact ventaga that you could win this one has a few updated features because of this badge right here including these 22 inch bad boys right here you get that with the first edition you get lots of other little added extras that i’ll show you as we go around this car now come around the front with me over the next few years we’re gonna see variations of this car come out now they’re going to be three major variations this one which is a four liter twin turbo v8 then they’re actually coming out with a v12 version of the bentley and also a hybrid version so this one right here the v8 has around 540 horsepower not bad now just keep this in mind guys so this is the first facelift of the bentayga since it came out in 2015. since then we’ve kind of just seen the same bentayga on the road for the last few years i showed you this already but i’m loving these headlights the crystal features and also you get two of them now like before they weren’t this was kind of blocked off it was kind of just a round like light around here but now you’ve got two crystal bars on the front of your car you can see here the tail lights are completely different from the previous models the previous model actually had the boot cutting through the middle of the taillights so when you opened it this tail light would be split but what i like about this now is the whole boot opens with the taillight so watch this this is how you open the boot and normally buttons don’t work for me so let’s see yes i can’t believe it first time all right so look what happens the whole boot opens up so you’ve got no taillights here which is very dangerous so what they’ve done is they’ve integrated a whole new tail lights here underneath the boot area so that of course when you’ve got this open people can actually see that you’re stationary here and these light hop on this is the key you guys i really like this i always like the bentley bentayga key alright so we close this here we go loving this carbon fiber spoiler makes the car look a little bit sportier now these guys here vip motors if you want to get anything luxurious and like super special limited editions uh hypercars supercars go check them out they’re the ones that have got it all in the showroom here in dubai so thank you guys so so much all right shall we head in show you what this baby looks like on the inside here we go here we go so you’ve got this beautiful diamond quilted stitching here that’s actually a first edition feature and all of this carbon fiber loving that you’ve got the first edition badges everywhere which of course you’re going to pay a little bit more for because of course you will be one of the very first in the world with the new like upgraded uplifted face lifted whatever they say bentley bentayga in the world so you’re gonna have to pay a little bit more for that all right let me pop in the driver’s seat when i first drove the bentley bentayga i was blown away you guys that was a few years ago i was really blown away like the fastest suv in the world and it felt like that it felt light and zippy so i’m looking forward to driving this one just to see how it feels so 540 horsepower this version has but the v12 version is gonna have around 620 horsepower while we’re in the front here let’s have a look what we’ve got little spot there to pop stuff in you got your i don’t know like sunglasses spot here i suppose you’ve got wireless charging which is always great necessary in any new car in my opinion you’ve got these beautiful little i’m going to call them knobs it’s probably a nicer name for them but you see this all of this is just such quality and that is to control the air vents here even this feels nice yeah you’ve got a full digital display now here in front of you and what i like about this is you can kind of touch it it goes in it go it’s like kind of a 3d space usually there would be a glass panel coming across it like this but in this one you can kind of reach in and feel all of that so i like that you can play around with what you see in front of you and what you’ve actually got is a whole digital display here now where you can put your navigation right in front of you so you couldn’t do that in the last model the steering wheel is all new here you go that’s your baby that’s what you gotta feel as you’re driving around in your really expensive luxury suv and what’s cool is in the back let me show you this all right i’ll show you this guys this is quite cool your little display down here now what you can do is you can eject it look at that you take that out and that’s actually magnetic i really like that so you can keep that in your hand here and you can control certain things like this look at this sunroof it’s massive and i’m going to open that up from here just keep your finger pressed and the whole roof opens up for you it’s not really necessary to have a little screen like this but it is cool yeah that’s really nice i mean look look how massive this sunroof is so we’re going to pop that back in and it’s as easy as this boom it goes in now you’ve got some drink holders back here so it is practical it’s practical enough for your kids back here they pop their drinks in you can put that away if you want to and now you’ve got three seats here’s a little button that’s very handy you can just reach for stuff in the boot right let’s take it for a drive see what she feels like all right uh i’ve actually got a friend here tatiana are you gonna join me yeah all right i’m going to go in the back and then that way you tell me what it feels like in the back as i’m driving all right hi guys ted is here from the states she’s flown over to intern with the supercar blondie team let’s start her up zero to 100 in 4.4 seconds which is fast for an suv it’s not really fast but it’s still fast i’m looking forward to when the v12 version comes out because that one’s going to have over 600 horsepower that is going to be powerful guys all right what i like is i’ve got the air con on and i can hardly hear it it’s very quiet actually it’s very nicely insulated everywhere in the car so here we go all right let’s just see how fast this really is okay ready set you ready ready let’s do it okay yeah it’s got some speed i have to say there’s a bit of a lag i mean that was that was full throttle um and there was a little bit of a lag so not as impressed as i first was because of course when it came out it was the world’s quickest suv so i have high expectations for this but it is a very comfortable drive and it looks cool i like the car i think the facelift looks really nice now just imagine you’re sitting right here this brand new bentley bentayga 2021 model could be yours go hit up this website right now forward slash blondie go type that in for your chance to win plus twenty thousand dollars in cash shipping and taxes included guys so don’t even worry about that all right ted you keen uh duh of course go check it out guys and uh good luck all right that’s it you guys i hope you enjoyed this very quick review go pop your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll catch you on the next vid love you guys i’m out see ya bye

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