New Ford Bronco and his younger brother Bronco Sport will make their debut this spring

New Ford Bronco and his younger brother Bronco Sport will make their debut this spring


But the first sale will be his younger brother – a more compact “baby Bronco”, and the rate of Ford on both models make very serious.

The history of the revival of the cult of the SUV stretches from January 2017, and since then, Ford managed to show a lot of new products – including quite exotic. But a Bronco time has come just now: according to Automotive News, the manufacturer has told dealers about the plans to fully disclose the next generation “Bronco” in March.

In addition, Ford dealers were informed that a month later – in April – the off-road line of stamps will replenish in a more compact model, which is now known under the name Bronco Sport (although it was previously assumed and other names). It is not excluded, Ford Bronco Sport will be declassified within the automotive exhibition in new York.


Despite a later debut, in the sale of the Junior model will be used. According to rumors, the dealers are already informed about the plans to bring Bronco Sport on the market by the end of this year, then as a full-fledged Bronco will be available in the beginning of the next. Thus, from the official debut of the SUV revived to appear in showrooms will be held again for almost a year.

Both models will be born in three – and five-door variants, and with the start of sales, Ford is going to offer them a wide range of off road accessories and personalization possibilities. This is done for the maximum attraction of buyers and, as consequence, increase of profitability: the company, both models should be sold with a circulation of not less than 200 thousand cars a year.

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