New Ford GT Delivery  | ft. Lingenfelter Collection

New Ford GT Delivery | ft. Lingenfelter Collection


I’ve applied for the second round of allocations to get a new Ford GT. This was Ford’s response so far. Thanks to Ford Performance in Detroit for delivering this new GT for my new TV show. After that, I visited Ken Lingenfelter and his amazing car collection.Special thanks to &@FordperformanceFollow me on:Music by:Fly 13OunceBlood Orange

if I were to think how I’d want to spec my Ford GT I couldn’t think of a movement better well okay the only thing I do instead of orange stripe here I think I’d do like a lime green stripe or a bright yellow stripe yeah special bravery here in detail in the middle of Detroit it’s winter about negative seven degrees for performance here done incredible and new Ford GT of what’s your favorite Ford GT look at this Wow look at these lights Bob this is ally how are you nice to meet you thanks for coming if I were to think how I’d want to spec my Ford GT I couldn’t think of a movement better well okay the only thing I do instead of orange stripe here I think I do like a lime green stripe or a bright yellow stripe yeah do you want to reveal something put in for an allocation round two of the Ford GT I have applied for it I really don’t know how it’s going to go honestly I don’t know what kind of strings you need to pull and who you need to know to get your hands on it so this is from Ford itself here the headquarters of Ford is right here in Detroit and they have very kindly given us a new Ford GT to look at first of all and also take a little spin on it which is really crazy and so amazing of them so thank you very much to Ford for doing that I mean where else in the world would you want to be taking your first driving a Ford GT other than the home of Fort here in Detroit Michigan what do you think of this car that’s a nice car man you know maybe I can upgrade this Mustang today you know when I really grow up I really hope they give me that phone call and say congratulations you get an allocation I just think this kind gets people thinking you just don’t see this car anywhere and it’s not the typical you know Lamborghini Ferrari McLaren everyone kind of knows those cars and knows that look I just really hope this happens I just think it’s a super special car thank you so so much forward and appreciate you and thank you so much for this experience I hope it’s not my last chance I really really really really really really want this guy it’s just so different anyway when we get more of a chance to drive this and we can go through all of the different features I’m doing something else here that I can’t let you guys know about at the moment I will do very very soon so all those details will be there so when we get the chance to drive this again for our own YouTube channel I will give you all the details about what I exactly love about this car so let me show you in help this is inside the 40 so you’ve got a little button here to be able to lower and lift the front which is the super cool feature in the Ford GT you’ve got the little indicator button here left and right I am out I’m Marci of private car collection and this is insane so we’re just gonna have a quick look around at the most I don’t know rare coolest cars gimmicky cars there are 250 cars in his collection and like just under a 200 years so what I’ve done is I’ve picked the top five that I think are the coolest rarest cars that you will never have seen before because he’s got all of these incredible cars you know la ferrari enzo it’s got the bugatti veyron he’s got his own model here as well that they were working on to make a production car anyway he’s got so many cars so come with me because I picked out five that I think will be of interest let’s go so Alex this is a rebodied c6 corvette to look like a 67 okay it’s got the stinger hood on it this is our 660 horsepower naturally aspirated engine and it sounds wicked like you know I mean it really does in fact I think we ought to just start it out really yeah when you say it’s a remodel to look like a 67 no I said rebodied rebodied sorry sorry this is a c6 Corvette that the body’s been taken off ok another body’s been put on it okay it look like a 67 why wouldn’t you just is it just too difficult to find an original 67 the purpose of this car is you get all the benefits of a newer Corvette right that looks like an old one okay so you’re an old Corvette guy and you like the look yeah this is how you get good brakes the best version right so let me start this up for you it sounded good I know I believe you is something like this worth quite a lot or is it just something that you particularly like no it actually is worth quite a bit they’re very expensive to do okay so you know taking the body off and putting a different body on it isn’t it and we’ve got several in here there’s a car the white went straight away there right well that’s cool this is really special this box this to say another rebodied c5 Corvette okay to look like a 53 so you would see this body on the roads in 1953 but you wouldn’t see this kind of interior similar similar something like yeah they’re only ten of these ever built Wow so this is like it’s it’s intended to look like a nomad which was also very popular back then just look at this back I’ve never seen anything like I said it’s a v8 in here is a v8 yeah Wow I’m deducing you said there are only ten made so this were from from the get-go this was designed as a collector’s car exactly okay yeah somebody who really appreciated Corvette somebody who really appreciated the no man wagon this car will always be a really really big hit at car shows cars & coffee events things of that name it just looks so different and this is a cool vette it is so and this is not what you would picture in your mind when you say Corvette right it’s completely different Wow what do we have you did you’ve got some of the most incredible cars yeah well you know if you’re going to build a collection and you’re gonna draw people in yeah charity events you I have things that are really unique we have 250 cars totally in the collection we keep about a hundred and eighty here in the facility and this is a speedster this is a c6 Corvette it was built between myself and a friend of mine there’s only one of these in the world one of the really unique features of the cars you can see the helmets obviously if you’re gonna take this car in the road you’d have to have there’s a button in here right you lift the whole back here basically and the helmets lift out oh that’s really cool I’ve never seen anything like that it looks quite dramatic right yeah you can’t fly under the radar with a car like that yeah it looks like a Batmobile yes that’s a pretty good description back in the day Alex there was a racer by the name of Greenwood mm-hmm and John Greenwood had his own idea about what a road racer should racecars should look like this was his own design for aerodynamics this is one of four cars that was built Wow there were two streetcars and to racecars the fact that this car is so rare because again there were only four of them built because there is a car over here it has Levi’s written on the side I thought what’s a jeans company doing on the side of a car and then you look inside and the seats are made of Levi’s jeans I’ve never seen this before this is so cool this one so it has Levi’s written on the side yeah well it’s a gremlin and this was an American Motors car I got there were about a hundred that they built with v8 engines and you’ll notice of course speed transmission yes and they built with a Levi option that’s why you see the Levi jeans logo and if you look at the interior the interior is Levi jeans isn’t that amazing and look you’ve got the stitching here from the center from the jeans and everything what what tie up did they have with Levi’s jeans so was just an option they decided they went to Levi’s and said hey we’ll put our jeans in here you know a car in the interior and it’s oppressive gimmick but it went over pretty well yeah I can imagine it is a bit of an odyssey Java keep you car keys in the jean pocket so this is a v8 at 6.6 liter that’s massive and this was originally just as an economy car like you would take this to go get the groceries but they made a limited edition with a v8 what what did the original car have in it just a four-cylinder it came with a 4-cylinder at 606 Illinois okay and then they space right here v8 version so Alex this is the Falcon supercar and this is their role e7 been made so far okay the key to it for our collection is that we built the thousand horsepower twin turbo engine that’s it all dead right your company because every building performance and so as a result you know there are a lot of people very interested in seeing this car go to the next step in the next step in the next step and soon we believe it will become a production really but the very limited very very limited yes what do you what are we talking you know it’s hard to say but I would think maybe 50 to 100 cars a year how far away are we from that do you think you know I keep hearing we’re getting closer and closer I would imagine sometime of 2019 we’ll know for sure and when it is an actual production car you’re looking at a thousand watts well yeah that’s it I hope you’ve enjoyed please make sure to give me a thumbs up hit that thumbs up button right now love you and make sure to subscribe to my channel we’ve got so much more coming as we travel across the u.s.

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