New generation Audi R8 will be electrified

New generation Audi R8 will be electrified

Audi has confirmed that the next generation R8 will electrify, but has yet to decide what type of engine it will use.

In an interview to foreign publications managing Director Audi Sport Oliver Hoffman said that the German company has a number of interesting concepts for the next R8, and confirmed that the supercar will not be driven solely by the internal combustion engine.

“I don’t think we will develop a successor to the current model with a fully naturally aspirated motor or a conventional internal combustion engine. We will have electrification for the R8 in the future, but what type of electrification is still pending. We are working on a concept, we are in contact with our Board of Directors, but I have not yet decided on the concept of the next R8. We have some very interesting concepts regarding its engine as well as the whole concept of the car. There is no solution, what type of engine and what type of electrification we will make,” said Hoffman.

The R8 was a supercar flagship for the German automaker since it was first introduced in 2006. The second-generation model was released in 2015, and although the basic design of the car has not undergone significant changes, outdated it can not be called. With that in mind, Hoffman announced that Audi Sport plans to continue updating the current R8 line with new models before a few years to be launched successor, possibly in 2023.

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