New generation Hyundai Creta 2020 begins to conquer the market

New generation Hyundai Creta 2020 begins to conquer the market


On the road Hyundai Creta common and now it is time of new products, the company introduces a new generation of a car Crete/ix25. Dealers are already taking orders for purchase of the car, sales will begin soon, it is safe to say from day to day.

Consider the crossover design, the front part features a powerful radiator design, dual head and tail field of the optics with LED content, by the way, brake lights also feature LED lights in the form of a strip. The appearance of the car has undergone drastic changes.

The interior of the crossover is also marked by the major changes here in the center is a virtual dashboard with a large touch screen that controls the functionality of the entertainment complex. For the driver installed a new steering wheel with original strap.

Upgrading Hyundai Creta brought a small increase in the size of the body, so length is 430 cm, width 179 cm, height 1 meter 622 mm, wheelbase of 2 meters of 610 mm.


Under the hood mounted petrol engine with a volume of one and a half liters and capacity of 115 horsepower. The motor is aggregated variable speed or manual six-speed gearbox, the choice for the buyer. Crossover with such characteristics will be available first for Chinese buyers.

According to manufacturers in the future, will car sports modified with the turbocharged diesel engine capacity of 1.4 liters and 140 HP Motor is aggregated with seven-speed robotized transmission.

The cost of Hyundai Grand/ix25 in China is 109 thousand 800 yuan.

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