New generation of MINI Convertible

New generation of MINI Convertible


MINI has officially confirmed that production of the small convertible will continue. There will be a new generation of MINI Convertible. The famous British firm has stressed that a successor to the 4-seater convertible will be developed. The car that will debut in society in 2025.

MINI has embarked on an ambitious and radical internal restructuring process. This iconic car brand is convinced that it will revolutionize the way it adapts to new times. The target is expected to be met in 2030. In this context, certain doubts arose about the continuity of some of the models that make up the product range today. MINI Convertible is one of them.

In order to allay some doubts, MINI has confirmed that its small convertible will not leave the assembly line. However, the company will “develop a successor to the four-seater convertible.”

The new MINI Convertible will debut in 2025. In 2020, one in five MINI customers in Germany opted for a small convertible. Germany, together with the USA and Great Britain, became the main market for the MINI convertible. This announcement came shortly after the new MINI Convertible hit the stage, tuning for the current generation.

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