New Genesis G80 will be electrified

New Genesis G80 will be electrified


Genesis G80 EV observed during testing on charging stations.

It is expected that the vehicle will be released until 2021, the manufacturer will show the normal version of G80.

It is noteworthy that with the G80 engine had to come out in 2019, but Genesis had to postpone the presentation of the car, as it was discovered many small problems with the engine.


This car’s South Korean engineers decided to install the engine on 2.5 liters, its maximum power of 286 horsepower. After the elimination of minor flaws the power unit will appear on the cars together with the DCT box in 8 steps.

It is known that the car was more thin appearance design, each headlamp – led like lights in the back. The new items will be pentagonal grille, and the design of the kits will resemble a sports car.

Also in the lineup could be the engine volume of 2.2 liters, but instead can set a three-liter diesel power unit. There were rumors about the electrical “box”.

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