New Genesis G90 is preparing to debut in Los Angeles

New Genesis G90 is preparing to debut in Los Angeles


In the native brand of the car Korean car has been submitted less than a year ago. Now the car is preparing to enter the American market.

An updated version of its flagship sedan the Genesis G90 will soon show at the motor show in Los Angeles. For the first time publicly the announcement was made about a year ago. It is expected that after entering the American market, the model will compete with the famous Maybach from Mercedes. An updated version of the car is very much different from its predecessor if you look at both cars next, then you might think that this is a different model. In the front part has an enlarged radiator grille. It is worth noting noticeably “grown up” vents in the lower bumper.


Daytime running lights are now separate led strip that comes to the front wing.

Even more has changed the rear lights – they are divided into several sections, one of which extends the entire width of the machine. But the G90 gamma motor remained the same. Under the hood the car hides a 3.3-liter engine with two turbines, capable of producing power of 365 HP Also needs to return more powerful engine with a volume of 5.0 liters and impact 419 HP

Will be in demand in the market?

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