New GMC Yukon: high bar for Denali and frodna version of the AT4

New GMC Yukon: high bar for Denali and frodna version of the AT4


Owned by General Motors Corporation GMC introduced the brand’s flagship SUV Yukon of the fifth generation. From the related Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban it differs more than expected.

Brand GMC along with Buick is the USA allopreening, but if the Buick to the historic homeland is losing ground and more and more focuses on China, the demand for the products of the GMC last year in the United States rose 1.5% to 564 946 machines. While Yukon is among the three most popular large SUVs after the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban and Ford Expedition: in 2019 sold 74 672, 153 117 86 423 units respectively. Also for comparison, do the premium Cadillac Escalade for sale in two times worse than the GMC Yukon, – 35 424 PCs last year. The reason is not so much a difference in price as a more trustworthy image of GMC compared to the Cadillac. Off-road Cadillac goes all glamorous crowd, rappers in fur coats with gold chains and other Hollywood stars, and GMC – the choice of strong wealthy American who knows a lot about the ratio price/quality.

New GMC Yukon will not disappoint the expectations of its target audience: outside and inside, the SUV is the fifth generation gives the impression of a reliable and high-quality products made in the best traditions of American design. However, the SUV can be called not all versions, because the basic rear – wheel drive, and full (with multi-plate clutch PTO to the front axle) will be offered in the form of options.

But the Yukon appeared first offrono performance AT4, which is four-wheel drive by default, complete with an electronically locking rear differential, reduction gear, metal plates to protect key components and assemblies, help system during the descent from the mountain, red tow hooks in the front bumper, all terrain Goodyear tires on 20-inch alloy wheels and air suspension. The latter may alter the amount of clearance in the range of 100 mm. the default Level is 200 mm, for ease of embarkation/disembarkation is possible to lower the body by 50 mm, and when riding off – road to raise to 50 mm relative to the standard level. Also in the vehicle AT4 ifroggy includes a special mode of operation of the driving electronics, a heated steering wheel and seats first and second rows. The base versions of the GMC Yukon is pneumatische installed adaptive shock absorbers Magnetic Ride Control.

GMC Yukon, like the related Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, with the change of generations has preserved the frame but gained independent suspension of the rear wheels that, perhaps, has made it possible on the roads, but it certainly has improved the handling on the paved roads. The geometric dimensions of the car has grown in all areas: the short wheelbase version is 3071 mm extra long XL – 3406 mm, overall length 5334 mm and 5720, respectively.

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Range of power units is the same as Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban: 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder diesel Duramax (281 HP, 623 Nm), a 5.3-liter gasoline V8 (360 HP, 519 Nm) and 6.2-liter gasoline V8 (426 HP, 623 Nm). Transmission – uncontested 10-speed hydromechanical automatic. Gasoline engines for reducing fuel consumption is provided with a deactivation system of the six cylinders out of eight.

A luxurious version of the Denali, selected by 60% of Yukon buyers, the change of generations has paid special attention to. She is now not only the original design of the front with larger radiator grille and a rich chrome finish, but the interior with high front panel, which has the Central air ducts moved up and laid in common with the instrument panel visor. Dashboard, in turn, supplemented by 15-inch projection color display on the windshield. The bare plastic in the cabin Denali are almost there – all that can cling look or what can touch the hand, covered with leather, natural wood or metal. As options are offered panoramic glass roof, up to 9 cameras and 22-inch wheels.

Common to all versions of the Yukon “chip” interior – offered for a fee sliding cupboard between the front seats: it can be rolled back to 254 mm, opening access to additional stowage compartment.

To release a new GMC Yukon will be in the same factory in Arlington, Texas, where they make the actual Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban. Sales will begin this summer. Prices yet to be announced.

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