New Hilux for “bag of corn”: Toyota, is everything so bad?

New Hilux for “bag of corn”: Toyota, is everything so bad?


Toyota Motor launched an unusual campaign: it offered farmers to exchange their crops for a Toyota Hilux pickup. Toyota Barter marketing campaign launched in Brazil.

As part of the proposal, potential buyers can pay for the car not in cash or by transfer, but with a number of crops grown in Brazil. In particular, it can be corn or soybeans. Toyota dealers will rate the crop at market price and credit it as payment.

Today, 16% of Toyota Hilux sales are in agribusiness, so bartering will make it easier for these customers to get brand new pickups. The Toyota Barter was first launched as an experiment in 2019 in selected states of Brazil, and has now expanded across the country.

In addition to Hilux, this way you can buy the Fortuner SUV (in Brazil it is known as SW4) and the Corolla Cross SUV.

The campaign is supported by the local firm NovaAgri, which operates grain warehouses, rail transport and export terminals in central and northeastern Brazil. Since 2015, NovaAgri has been a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, which in turn is part of the Toyota Group.

In Brazil, the Hilux starts at R $ 197,990 (about $ 38,200 at the current exchange rate) for the one-row cab version and from R $ 191,990 (about $ 37,000) for the two-row cab. This pricing procedure is due to the fact that the two-door pickup is already in the base equipped with a 2.8-liter diesel engine and a plug-in all-wheel drive, while the four-door has a simpler 2.7-liter gasoline “aspirated” and a leading tailgate. >

The initial Ukrainian price of Toyota Hilux is $ 35,000 for a pickup with a two-row cab and a 2.4-liter diesel engine.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of Toyota Hilux from the FineAuto team:

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