New hyperbaric Suzuki Hayabusa lit up in patents


According to a rumor from Japan is the new generation Suzuki Hayabusa will come with a 1440 CC engine, not to mention other changes that will allow you to create hyperback corresponding to the Euro5.

The increase in the displacement is unlikely to lead to proportional productivity growth. Capacity is expected to remain at 200 HP, but torque will increase significantly and is expected to improve handling. In one of the fresh patents describe a carbon “Bank” that is designed to filter evaporating the fuel vapor. Here two catalytic Converter!


New generation Suzuki Hayabusa will get a more refined frame and bolted the subframe. Another important expected change is the automatic box quickshifter. The new transmission is based on the old, but will have electronic control buttons on the steering wheel. A similar thing is used on a Yamaha FJR1300A.

When waiting for a new Suzuki Hayabusa? At the end of the current year as the model 2021.

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