New Hyundai Elantra undergoes winter testing

New Hyundai Elantra undergoes winter testing


In 2019 the Hyundai Elantra has received the updates, but I guess the upgraded model 2021 is just mind-boggling.

Restyled version of the sedan undergoing testing in cold weather in Sweden, will be under the strong influence of the stylish Sonata. It is clear from the front, as the sedan, it seems, gets “digital pulse cascaded grating”, as well as its larger counterpart. Other elements of the front of the heavily masked, although we can consider the narrow headlights and vertical air intakes.

The novelty has a sport roof and stylish alloy wheels with five spokes. At the rear of the car also resembles the design of the Sonata. Hard to judge by photos, but I think the Elantra is slightly up in size. This is not surprising as Sonata 2020 model year was 46 mm longer than its predecessor, and has additional 36 mm in wheelbase.


According to the newspaper do not expect a much improved interior with better quality materials and more modern design. We haven’t seen a photo, but if the model follows in the footsteps of Sonata, it can get intelligent infotainment system, a minimalist dashboard and a push-button gear selector.

Engine variants for Hyundai Elantra remains uncorroborated, but, it may be a petrol SmartStream and motors that use N or N-Line. Also been rumors about plug-in hybrid variant, but at the moment the official confirmation of the information yet. However, too long to wait, since the car reportedly will be presented later this year.

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