New images of Nissan

New images of Nissan


While Nissan has yet to officially unveil its new Nissan Z car, the rumors have taken their toll and filled in some important gaps.

Based on available information, the new 400Z will be called the Nissan Z in North America, start at just $ 34,995 and look almost identical to the Z Proto unveiled last year. Three new photos of the production Nissan Z, tested in Arizona, have surfaced on the web, showing the example in a silver color, with a blue interior and an automatic transmission. It is known that the Nissan Z will also be offered with a manual transmission.

In addition to subtle camouflage hiding Nissan badges on the front and rear, the photos show a fully uncovered version of the new sports car. It’s almost indistinguishable from the model we saw last month. It has the same square grille, black wheels, red brake calipers, and a black painted roof and mirror housings.

Everything is different inside: the interior features bright blue seats. The lower half of the dashboard and door cards are also painted blue, indicating that Nissan will offer some bold color schemes for the interior, much like BMW did in the latest BMW M4. Perhaps the official details will not have to wait long. According to a recent post on the New Nissan Z forum, the dealer will announce the trims and colors on May 23, when the new Z will be available to order.

If the new Nissan Z, with its 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6, really starts at $ 34,995, that would create all sorts of problems for the base Toyota GR Supra, which is more expensive but only available with a 3.0-liter four-cylinder. A Supra with a comparable six-cylinder turbocharged engine costs about $ 50K.

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