New inexpensive crossover Hyundai: the first details

New inexpensive crossover Hyundai: the first details


The Hyundai concern has taken seriously the ultra-budget SUV segment, in which many new products have already appeared in recent years. However, this list will soon be replenished with another crossover. It is scheduled to go on sale in 2023. Under what brand the new product will appear, Hyundai, KIA or Ioniq, is not specified.

The company’s plans were recently confirmed by the Korean electric powertrain partner BorgWarner, who signed a contract with the Hyundai Motor Group for the supply of a new integrated electric drive module. The system will have to combine the engine and transmission into a single unit, which will save space and make the new crossover lighter than cars of similar dimensions (from 3.5 to 3.7 meters).

The power of the new electric transmission should be about 135 kW or 183.5 horsepower, but, most likely, in order to save energy, it will be derated to the usual 100 hp for the subcompact SUV segment.

As for the batteries, their range should be about 320 kilometers, and it will take about an hour to fully charge the batteries (from fast chargers).

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