New Kia electric car punishes 5 supercars (video)

New Kia electric car punishes 5 supercars (video)


The new KIA EV6 electric car took part in a drag race with Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari California, Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG GT and McLaren 570S. For the race, the most powerful version of the EV6 with the GT attachment was chosen, which is equipped with a 585-horsepower installation – such an electric car accelerates from zero to “hundreds” in just 3.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited at around 260 kilometers per hour.

All cars had about the same chances of winning. McLaren 570S is equipped with a 570-horsepower engine and accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds, a Mercedes-AMG GT with a 462 horsepower engine develops the first “hundred” in four seconds, a 650-horsepower Lamborghini Urus takes 3.6 seconds as well as the Ferrari California, equipped with a 560 horsepower unit. The two-door Porsche 911 Targa 4 (991) turned out to be the weakest: 370 forces and 4.5 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour.

Four out of five supercars lost to the KIA EV6 GT. The electric car led most of the quarter-mile distance, but in the end it was overtaken by the McLaren 570S: it finished a body in front of the KIA EV6 GT. It is not clear from the video in what order the other cars arrived at the finish line, but by the end of the race, the Porsche 911 was in third place, ahead of the Mercedes-AMG GT and Lamborghini Urus, and the Ferrari California was apparently left behind.

The KIA EV6 electric crossover debuted on March 30, 2021. The novelty will be offered in several modifications with installations with a capacity of 170 to 585 forces, and the battery capacity, depending on the version, varies from 58 to 77.4 kilowatt-hours. Sales of the model will begin in the second half of 2021.

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