New KIA Niro is pictured

New KIA Niro is pictured


The Korean automaker may organize the debut of the updated crossover in the coming months.

KIA Niro is a relatively new model in the model range of the automaker, despite this, the brand decided to completely update its SUV. This is evidenced by numerous spy photos. In the new images, the crossover has lost some of the camouflage on the front panel, which allowed us to make out the large headlights that are located above the wide grille.

This element of the exterior has also grown when compared with the pre-reform model. At the same time, the remaining camouflage does not interfere with seeing the vertical taillights, albeit partially. They are similar to those found on the 2019 KIA Habaniro concept. It’s unclear how much of the concept’s design will affect the new Niro, but we expect KIA to use the concept as a source of inspiration.

The new Niro will share its J-Eco architecture based framework with the Hyundai Ioniq. The current Niro is available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric vehicle. The Koreans can leave all these power plants for the updated model.

However, it is possible that not all transmissions will be available in all markets. We expect the new Niro to have a traditional interior as the Habaniro was too futuristic.

The redesigned 2022 KIA Niro is likely to debut in the coming months – mid-2021 – ahead of launch in the 2022 lineup. Recall that by 2025 the brand is going to bring 11 electric cars to the market at once.

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