New KIA Optima 2020 refused to sell to taxi drivers

New KIA Optima 2020 refused to sell to taxi drivers


The company KIA has presented in his homeland, South Korea, the new generation liftback K5, which in the global market is sold under the name Optima.

As it became known, in addition to the debut of the car, the audience was in for another surprise – changes in models of sales of new products.

The fact that South Korea’s KIA Optima is already old generation “is” not only for the needs of the common market: the machine also released in a version for taxi companies. And this is good enough “piece of income”: the version with a “checkered” accounts for up to 40% of all manufactured “Optim”. Many believed that this will continue, but the new generation car has decided not to release for the needs of the taxi.


The reason for this decision is the image of the model. Because liftback became firmly associated with the taxi car, he was frankly bored by the citizens and therefore were less likely to buy on a normal market. And in order to save the reputation of the entire model, in the company’s management decided that for taxi drivers the company is better will continue to release the old KIA Optima and its replacement will go purely to “traders”.

Another interesting detail – according to one of the South Korean media, KIA has decided to abandon the name Optima: that in other countries the car will also be sold under the name of K5. However, this information is unsubstantiated.

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On the same KIA Optima 2020 we have already told in detail. Briefly note that with the change of generations, the car was longer and wider (but lower), got a new design, optics, as well as the version with LPG kit (generally, gamma motor car represented a 2.0-liter “aspirated” (160 HP), 1.6-liter turbo engine (180 HP) and 2.0-litre LPi engine (146 HP), which runs on the propane-butane (LPG).

In South Korea, the novelty has already went on sale, there is the price KIA Optima in 2020 ranges from 17.4 thousand US dollars. In other markets the car will go closer to the middle of next year.

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