New KIA Sorento and it vnedorozhnye opportunities

New KIA Sorento and it vnedorozhnye opportunities


Before the end of 2020 will be a new generation of the SUV KIA Sorento, which will get a new system Terrain Mode, optimizing the algorithms of motor, transmission and stabilization system.

System Terrain Mode offers a number of preset modes the main transport system for mud, snow and sand. Due to this, according to the manufacturer, the AWD Sorento fourth generation gets the highest potential in the entire history of the model.


The choice of modes will meet the puck Mode Select, which is located on the center console. Turning on the system Terrain Mode, the driver can select the mode in accordance with the coating under the wheels, after which the system automatically configures the operation of the engine, transmission and stabilization system.

Snow mode (Snow) suggests a move in conditions of reduced grip, causing the engine torque is limited and most evenly redistributed between the wheels. Shift happen more often, and the engine speed are maintained at a low level, which prevents the wheels from spinning.

Mode Mud (Mud) implies a gear shift with a small delay under the condition of high engine speed. The traction control system TCS uses more intensive braking of the wheels to prevent wheelspin.

Mode Sand (Sand) switching to high gear occurs at higher engine speeds. In this mode, the traction control system TCS also provides for more intense braking the wheels separately. This allows you to pass on each individual wheel the maximum possible torque.

Information on pricing and trim levels on the new KIA Sorento should appear in the near future. It is expected that dealers will offer a model with a diesel 2.2-liter engine, the output of which is the 202 HP of power and 440 Nm of torque. But the appearance of gasoline 281-horsepower hybrid setup, and a 230-HP unit in question.


The price of diesel KIA Sorento 4-th generation in Korea was set at 2.95 million won (about 23 727 USD) per package, Prestige trim, of 3.28 million Won (25 972 USD. USA) for the execution of the Prestige of 3.53 million won (28 387 USD. USA) for the version of Noblesse and 3.82 million won (30 721 USD. USA) for top-end modification of the Signature.

As representatives of the brand in the framework of the presentation, the best-selling line of KIA since the market launch in 2002, has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. During this time, the share of Europe accounted for about 300,000 of them.

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