New KIA Sorento compared with the BMW X5 during the road test

New KIA Sorento compared with the BMW X5 during the road test

The new generation of the SUV KIA Sorento, photospin caught during testing on public roads.

Journalists armed with cameras to capture the new Sorento in the Swiss Alps, seeing a white BMW X5, which was used as a reference during some tests, when it came to fine tuning the SUV.

On first impression, the new generation KIA Sorento will have a more angular design on the front reminiscent of the latest Ford Explorer. The rear has a slip section on the back door that hides the actual length and style of an SUV.

From the point of view of technical equipment, is expected to improve driving dynamics and more efficient powerplants, perhaps a hybrid. In addition, the new Sorento will receive a number of intelligent safety systems and driver assistance.

According to preliminary information, KIA Sorento should start a new generation next year as the model 2021. According to experts, the novelty can become the worthy competitor to such representatives of the SUV segment as Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet Traverse, Hyundai Santa Fe and other midsize crossovers.

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