New Lada 4×4 will retain the style of its predecessor

New Lada 4×4 will retain the style of its predecessor

That AVTOVAZ intends to maintain the recognizable appearance of the Lada 4×4 said the company’s chief designer Steve Mattin in an interview with RNS.

“It is important to have some binding elements that share a car with a car of the previous generation. Today vivid is the image of Lada 4×4. There are some memorable specific elements. Of course, in the future, 4×4 trying to make these bright elements known today, will be identifiable in the new model,” said Mattin.

He also added that the next 4×4 will be similar to the Renault Duster, “of Course not. Lada Lada will remain. Very active on this model. This car is the icon for “AVTOVAZ” and so she will remain. And in the future will remain a very important car for the brand as it is today. Of course, the model one will have to change. Lada 4×4 is now more than 40 years. Keep updating it is impossible,” explained Mattin, commenting on the possible similarity of design of the new generation of Lada 4×4 and Renault Duster.

The chief designer of AVTOVAZ also said that some of the unpopular colors of car bodies will be replaced. The Izhevsk conveyor offers a more flexible change of colors compared to the B0 line in Togliatti, which launched production models of other brands.

“Every product that we market, we derive a new shade. Of course, in Moscow motor show in August, we will show some new items, then there will be new colors. Every time we introduce a new product – one body color is always new.”

It is expected that the Lada 4×4 NG (New Generation) will be based on the Renault Duster platform and will be produced in our country in 2021. It is also expected that in the summer of this year in the framework of the Moscow International motor show will be presented the prototype of the next-generation SUV.

The actual SUV Lada 4×4 is sold in our country at a price of 483 000 rubles excluding special offers. The model is fitted with a 83-horsepower engine volume of 1.7 liters, complete with a five-speed manual transmission. Buy a car in three – and five-door body.

By the way, as reported portal “” earlier, the new Lada 4×4 will also produce and sell in Brazil.

New Lada 4×4 will retain the style of its predecessorNew Lada 4×4 will retain the style of its predecessor