New Land Rover Defender can be controlled remotely

New Land Rover Defender can be controlled remotely


The existing system 3D Scout can be used for automatic driving.

The British automaker is working on a remote control system for its new Defender, which will allow to drive the car outside. The system is designed for use on the roads, allowing owners to overcome obstacles and bottlenecks with greater precision than if they were inside the car.

“We reached understanding of how to do it, and we have also launched prototypes. The car is able to do this from the point of view of its architecture,” said chief product engineer Stuart Frith.

This technology will complement one of 3D systems Defender, which will provide a virtual image of the vehicle at a distance and requires the key to verify that the driver and controls the car.


While the new Defender has the enhanced traction system, sophisticated software and better visibility with cameras and other sensors, Frith said that there is no substitute for the human eye, which is able to assess the situation.

“If you are in a difficult situation alone, you can still get out of the car and to be in control of what is happening, he said.

Land Rover is also considering the possibility of granting to the owners of the video stream, online via “the cloud” using an electric architecture Defender EVA 2.0 and online package.

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