New Land Rover Defender is already at the dealership of Jaguar Land Rover Kiev West on the Ring


22 may the first new cars Land Rover Defender appeared in the official dealer center Land Rover on the Ring and is also available for test drive and purchase. Ukrainians have already ordered 37 new cars long before they appear on the market.

In September 2019, the car was first presented at the international motor show in Frankfurt, Kiev short preview of the show took place in December 2019. By this time the Defender passed a series of tests, among them the rocky slopes and forests in Kenya, barriers to the Charyn canyon on the border of Kazakhstan and China, as well as millions of km in temperatures from + 50°C desert heat to -40°C the Arctic frost.

New Defender now available for Ukrainian consumers in 110 body styles, and the 90 version will be available later in 2020. The novelty is presented in 6 models – Defender, S, SE, HSE, and Defender X First Edition, each of which can be equipped with a choice of 4 sets of accessories: Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban. Depending on the model and configuration, price starts at 1 574 000 UAH*.

The new Defender is the reincarnation of the legendary opportunities under today’s conditions. Defender 110 with a 2-litre diesel engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 175 km/h with a maximum torque of 430 Nm. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 7.6 liters/100 km.

Adventure and safety

Infotainment systems are available in standard configurations and optional. The most popular in search of adventure become: digital virtual instrument panel, Land Rover audio system, 180 watts with 6 speakers, 10-inch display, audio system Meridian™ 400 watts with 10 speakers, sat NAV Navigation Pro, the basis for system Click and Go, sockets for 12 V and 220 V socket in the Luggage compartment.

Going on a journey through unknown territory, in difficult conditions, the drivers are the most valued security. All-terrain Defender is Packed with features for safe travel:

  • the system of Autonomous emergency braking
  • monitoring “dead zones” with the system active collision avoidance
  • the feature to prevent rear seat passengers about the presence of vehicles in the “dead zone”
  • system cameras 3D
  • system assessment driver
  • system for determining the depth of the Ford and other useful functions.

Among the technologies for off-road, one of the most useful is the program of overcoming of Ford Wade. 900 mm depth, which is easily overcome Defender, rising above the surface with the electronic air suspension. And accurately determine the depth of the Ford, a special 3D camera circular review. Popular functions: system start on a slippery surface, with the descent from the slope and gradual release of the brakes. To control the movement and maintain a constant speed on all surfaces drivers will be able thanks to the All Terrain Progress Control.

Useful supports technology ClearSight. It improves visibility, allowing the driver sees through the hood of a car its lower part and wheels, and at the same time a potential danger. Rear view mirror with the same technology reproduces the video online, so Defender freely for the rear view it is possible to transport large equipment.

Built-in functions Parking assistance, 360° using 4 hidden cameras around the perimeter transmit three-dimensional panoramic display of the car on the touch screen. Improved visibility makes clear the scale of the landscape and simplifies manoeuvring.

Special equipment for adventure is also available in Defender. Among the Essentials: expedition roof rack for his ladder, flexible, inflatable, waterproof tent, portable shower tank 6.5 l for supplying water under pressure, with hose and shower head. In particular, the nozzle convenient to use for cleaning travel equipment in the journey. Individual recognition: the roof box; bags for the transport of animals, not to harm the cabin; integrated air compressor to inflate everything from tires to rubber mattresses.

The owners of the new Defender will no longer have the key in the standard sense – for it was replaced by a waterproof, rugged bracelet Aсtivity Key. In addition to the standard functions of the ignition key, the manufacturer has equipped its functions. Without the risk of being lost, this bracelet makes life easier for the holder to hunting, fishing, tourism and other Hobbies in the fresh air.

Operational convenience

In the process of operation of the legendary Defender remains better than its predecessors, because for the first time available in a protective film. Designed for extreme conditions based on polyurethane, it is easily removable so the owner can quickly restore the appearance of the car. This SUV designed for adventure hunters – mercilessly exploiting a vehicle in a few years it becomes clear convenience that is film, rather than a standard restore with paint.

For travels with a large company also developed an innovative folding seat, so three passengers safely accommodated in the front row. Overall, Defender 110 version can accommodate up to 7 people. Additional seat folds into the armrest. Traveling company on the roof is convenient to place a tent and stay there for the night. In total, the car can carry up to 168 kg of cargo.

Brand Director Jaguar Land Rover in Ukraine Andrey Khanin explained the first and foremost function of the car.

“English “Defender” means “defender” – and for good reason. It protects the wearer from the outside world and in 5 minutes wins the desired peak. This SUV is designed for an active lifestyle: traveling, expeditions, trips on dangerous routes. Today, you can test it from authorized dealers to ensure off road capability”.

For more information contact:

Official dealer of Jaguar Land Rover Kiev West

Kiev, Ring road, 1-A

044 591 00 01

*LLC “VIDI POWER, land Rover, defender. *Cost calculation carried out as at 22.05.2020 at the rate posted on

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