New level of protection: airbag – “cocoon”

New level of protection: airbag – “cocoon”


The American company Waymo, known for developments in the field of driverless cars, has patented a fundamentally new airbag. The creators claim that an airbag completely covering the passenger provides better protection than the usual pillows.

In patent documents, the Waymo development is referred to as” Deployable passenger enclosure “or”Deployable passenger enclosure”. The principle of operation of the device can be judged by the attached images: they show a large airbag, which opens up in a collision and “wraps” the entire body of the driver like a cocoon.

It is noted that if necessary, the cabin can accommodate another such pillow, which will protect the front passenger and significantly “reduce the risk of injury in an accident.”

Waymo applied for a patent back in June 2018, but the company issued the document only this week. So far, the developer has not disclosed information about the innovative airbag – this may mean that work on it is not yet complete.

Another unusual airbag was shown last year by the German company ZF. Its engineers suggested equipping the car’s body with eibergs instead of the interior: external airbags can inflate just before a side collision, receiving a signal from sensors on the body.

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