This is the reveal of the new Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept Car!Go Download the app here to explore the car: Https:// you to Lexus for Sponsoring this Video

dear alexandra song thank you very much for your support of the world premiere of this new concept carl this is a personal letter from japan i learned japanese at school but all i got to was watashiwa alexdes and because of what’s happening in the world at the moment i couldn’t get to japan for the world premiere so instead i’ve seen in this box so you and i are gonna see this for the very first time right now ready this is the brand new lfz lexus concept car how freaking cool is this all right let’s have a little bit of a closer look this concept car actually represents a whole new future for lexus and the zed in the name refers to their vision of going towards a zero emissions carbon neutral future what they have done is they have made it possible for all of us to have this concept car at home in our living rooms all right let me show you how come with me all right ready for this this is so cool you guys i’ve been playing with it look okay you just download the lexus app you can actually find the link to download the app just below this video so go click that and this is what you’ll find ready all right all right okay explore the new concept in ar mode look you can play around with the tail lights turn them on and off which is cool and then look at this you can even open the doors boom and explore the interior inside the car they’ve named the cockpit tazuna and that’s the japanese term for using reins to control a horse there’s an all-new interface that when the interface is not in use it actually looks like a black butterfly also take a look at this steering wheel it’s completely new completely redesigned because it complements something called steer by wire technology turn off headlights you just tap the screen they turn off all right that was fun so this is kind of the new way to explore cars because so many of us can’t leave the house at the moment what’s more exciting though is right now you and i are going to see this car in real life for the first time i’ve partnered with lexus for this video so thank you guys so much for choosing the supercar blondie channel to reveal your concept car let’s take a look and start at the back there love the back look at that little fin at the top that lights up and the whole back of the car lights up as a brake light what you can also notice there on the back is they’ve actually replaced the l with lexus they’re actually spelling out the full name of the brand now and not just have that l logo so there are a lot of different design changes going on here this is kind of really sparks a movement for them as you can see at the front there’s spindle grille the grille that everyone kind of associates with lexus has been totally redesigned now it’s covered of course because this is an all-electric future so it has got a cover now and that kind of design shape of the grill is now kind of gone i mean it does have slightly the same shape there you see just underneath the headlights but all of the little l’s going through the grille they’re no longer there they’re no longer needed actually and i love how the l at the front lights up that’s really futuristic what it’s got is something called direct 4 technology so it’s got an electric motor on each axle and what’s interesting is that system can actually switch between front rear and all-wheel drive they’re aiming for 0 to 100 in about 3 seconds and what’s cool is you open the doors with this latch you see that and on the inside they have a button and you can test all of that on the app alright guys i hope you enjoyed that reveal a massive thank you to lexus for uh showing us this car that is awesome arigato gozaimasu i hope to see you in japan really really soon that’s it peeps make sure to subscribe to the channel so you get these exclusives here uh with supergirl blondie and that’s it i think i’m out like comment leave your thoughts boom bye that’s how it’s gonna sound you

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