New Lexus NX Multimedia: Forget Everything You Knew About Toyota

New Lexus NX Multimedia: Forget Everything You Knew About Toyota


Lexus engineers have created a completely new multimedia experience that will provide customers with comfort and access to a variety of functions.

The new multimedia platform is equipped with a 14-inch high-definition touchscreen, which is one of the largest in the segment. Smooth controls, instant response and high-quality images are what the media system can boast of.

Lexus Link Pro provides cloud-based navigation and an always-on service that uses up-to-date traffic information, fuel prices and parking prices. If it is impossible to connect to the cloud service, the navigator works normally.

Lexus Link Pro has been given physical buttons for the most commonly used functions. The multimedia system firmware can be updated over the air.

In addition, the voice notification function has been improved, which has become more intuitive and understandable. The hello Lexus on-board assistant works with voice commands to search the network, make calls, and control the audio system and climate control. In addition, the voice assistant is able to understand natural speaking style and comments such as “I’m cold” or “I’m hungry.” According to Central News Service, it is programmed to understand 19 European languages.

Lexus Link Pro can easily work with smartphones using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto wireless connection. There is also a wireless charging niche available, which is refined and charges the device 50% faster than the previous version. For convenient connection of devices, the multimedia complex is equipped with USB interfaces – three USB-C and a USB-A port on the center console.

The multimedia complex provides remote access to the car using a proprietary smartphone application. It can be used to set climate control, open or close doors and turn on the alarm.

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