New Luxgen SUV from failure: seven seats and without instruments, “premium”, but cheaper Kodiaq

New Luxgen SUV from failure: seven seats and without instruments, “premium”, but cheaper Kodiaq


Taiwanese brand quietly and without fanfare displays new SUV URX in its main export market. The model is available with one engine and only front-wheel drive.


Luxgen brand was established in 2007, owns the Taiwan machine-building Corporation Yulon, the brand is positioned as premium. In 2013-2014, cars Luxgen tried to sell us, we were offered crossover Luxgen7, but “premium” from Taiwan failed miserably: only sold 148 “sevens”. At home things are not going well too – in 2018, total sales of all models amounted to little more than 9600 units. Finally, its main export market – China – Luxgen – and did suffer a real disaster. So, last year in Taiwan premium in China stopped 9300 clients (-47%), the result of January-November 2019 – only 1700 cars. But once Luxgen sold in China 50 000 – 60 000 cars. And yet mark does not give up – presented new SUV URX.

In Taiwan the full premiere of the crossover with the scope held in September, at the same time there began to take pre-orders. “Live” sales at home brand was launched a few days ago, and Luxgen proudly announced that for the three months reserved a thousand URX. Now the SUV is available in China, however, the presentation wasn’t there, although in China, the car manufacturers typically pump furnish even the appearance of clear-coated. However, it is possible that later Luxgen will arrange the Chinese shows on their novelty.

As previously reported by the Taiwan media, cross URX built on the basis of Luxgen U6. The length of the new model equal to 4725 mm 4628 mm in intended for China “six”, the wheelbase of them is the same – 2720 mm. That is, the dimensions URX close to Skoda Kodiaq (length 4698 mm, distance between axes – 2791 mm). The appearance made in new Luxgen style: cross got the bunk led head optics, large grille adorn the chrome “finishing touches” and the aft logo is now a sign with the name of the brand.

URX is a five – or seven-seater. The main “trick” in the cabin – the lack of the instrument panel, all indicators are displayed in a huge vertical touchscreen multimedia system or projected onto the windshield. Second-row seats can be folded not only manually, but also through media or mobile apps. Also in the Arsenal Luxgen URX includes: heated and ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof, camera circular review, system of contactless opening tailgate, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and warning about withdrawal from the occupied strip.

Engine single petrol “turboservice” 1.8 F18, issuing 204 HP and 300 Nm. The Chinese specialized media say that the motor meets the obsolete local ehkonorm. The engine is combined with six-speed “automatic” Aisin drive only the front.


In China, the price of Luxgen URX lies in the range from 143 to 155 600 600 yuan. For comparison, the crossover Exeed TX (Exeed is a premium sub – brand of Chery) is 135 900 – 147 900 yuan. However, TX exclusively five-seater. Well and competitors from more famous brands are more expensive URX. For example, the same Skoda Kodiaq in China is from 186 900 yuan).

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