New Mazda 6: the first details

New Mazda 6: the first details


The new Mazda 6, which will be the fourth generation of the famous model, to debut in 2022. The car will survive drastic changes.

To market a new Mazda 6 can go a year after the premiere – in 2023. Most likely, the novelty will develop, in collaboration with Toyota. Recently, we talked about the new Toyota Mark X and Toyota Crown, which will involve specialists Mazda.

We are talking about rear-wheel drive platform and the series 6-cylinder engine, which will develop in close cooperation with two Japanese companies. Interestingly, large sedans Toyota has always offered with rear-wheel drive. While the Mazda 6 – front-wheel drive car.

However, in the near future the company plans no development of a new platform for front wheel drive models. For this reason, the new Mazda 6 2022 remains to hope on the components of the Toyota Crown. In the future this platform will move and the large crossover Mazda CX-9, but the date of its appearance the next generation is still unknown.


It is also worth noting that the Crown is a large sedan that is larger than the Mazda 6. Accordingly, in the next generation the new Six will be more and more luxurious.

The current generation Mazda 6 eight years later, still looks modern. Of course, during this time, the car has undergone modernization and even several times changed the interior, but the overall sleek design still allows the Mazda 6 to be perceived very modern machine.

So Japanese designers will again be able to surprise us with original, balanced and timeless design that is not obsolete and not get bored with time. While conclusions about the upcoming appearance of new items you can make for Mazda Vision Coupe concept 2017, which reflects the development of the style of the large models of the brand.

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