New McLaren LT 750 noticed without camouflage


The upcoming version McSaren Longtail 720S were observed during a series of tests on the roads near the Nurburgring and on the track itself.

Since, as McLaren introduced the 720S, it became logical that at some stage there is faster, easier and more focused for the track version, which will replace the now defunct 675 LT. This is the first prototype of the new modifikacii and it is completely free of camouflage.

The most obvious structural modification made to the car are the front and lie in a more pronounced splitter and sharp “thorns” on the sides of the bumper to increase downforce. In the rear not see much change, but they certainly will – most likely, the novelty will receive a new exhaust system and larger rear wing.


The last notable difference between this prototype 720S and the basic version is the presence of a roll cage inside, which is quite logical, as the car is being developed at the Nordschleife.

When you search for the data about car room test new experts received information that the car was registered in 2016. thus, we have a regular test mule for development of the technical part of the model.

It is expected that in the course of developing the version of the track 720S will be a series of upgrades the power plant to ensure that it will be even faster than the standard model with a 4.0-liter V8 Buturlinovsky, which is expected to produce no less than 740 HP of power.

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