New Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster – Limited Edition!

New Mercedes AMG GTR Roadster – Limited Edition!


I’m meeting the Chief Designer for Mercedes Gorden Wagener, (@gorden.wagener) to talk about the new release of the AMG GTR Roadster which is limited to 750 cars.We also have a look at the new V12 AMG S65 Limited Edition and the new Maybach.Follow me on:Music by Scott Dugdale – SF Car Chase

the most expensive rims from Mercedes right here 6000 euro before what’s up guys welcome to a Geneva International Motor Show with Gordon chief or head designer Mercedes not see you again I was good to see you oh it’s great to see me yes who just got off the plane from LA it’s been a long trip and Gordon was very nice to me he came straight up with a compliment and now I’m feeling great yeah you look like a fresh Mountain Lake it’s not was the best compliment ever fresh Mountain Lake never heard that one before right so we are with the perfect guy to take us around Mercedes newest releases where do we start let’s start here because we’re creating it yeah I mean this is the first time now that the GTR is available as a convertible it’s a convertible guys we saw that on the GDC already but this power of course now it’s more of a mean race car do you know I feel like this car was always meant to be a convertible it just has that kind of design aesthetic in fact is it retro after that we designed it open and we decided to do with a roadster but it worked perfectly we just stick the windshield in here that line works it goes through so it’s it’s such an honest design what does it take to actually get a car that is a coupe and make that into a convertible how difficult is that involve a most important is to get the balance right because typically the where the soft-top lays down yeah and then the content to get too high too heavy but in this case we put it very very low so the balance of the cars right right have a backpack yeah right it’s like your car is covering a backpack I’ve never looked at that right so this is the convertible top is there a small thing you get a handbag girl the most important thing right the nice thing about this car is that it is so drivable and you can take it on like a weekend away you can take it down to the shops do your shopping and also get the kind of speed and power that you want actually it’s not too bad actually it is smaller it is still your clothing on the coop is that you can load the stuff through all the way through yeah okay goes down okay so there’s a little bit less food space but other than that you’re pretty much got a GU to go yeah look at that I mean yeah GT our signature here with the central exhaust year of the air diffuser on the side this is why we moved it in the middle and yeah since it’s all this race car stuff on it you know race car stop don’t take Michael we’re getting really technical here boys race car stuff sounds like my language oh so today if I wanted to buy a GTR I could get the same power in a GTR coupe or I could choose the GTR convertible you can get the same power and this actually the new center console here with the faces of the GTS this touch display so you can ah here we go thank you see you have come instrument now this one’s ride-height right yeah here’s a manual drive and of course when you hold down the ESP button and the drift control here okay okay I taught that out on the weekend on the throne oh that was so cool I really feel a difference really yeah it’s super what is your favorite the convertible all the standard greeting it’s a really hard question I love bows yeah yeah I love driving open and this car works perfectly as a roadster yeah typically the coupes are the nicer vehicles more beautiful with the shoulders with the greenhouse stepping in so they do have more sex appeal but this car is I think I would take the road so maybe I take bows I think I would take this one definitely for me I feel like the lines make more sense as a convertible it looks sexier to me as a convertible so good you take the coupe I’ll take okay this is a limited edition right there’s only 150 yeah the coupe of the GTR that’s not limited at all right no all right cool should we move on yes that is the new GTR convertible which i think is super sexy around 580 more if you’re lucky you can get one of the 750 convertibles that are going to be made all right so we’re going from a be 8 to 8 feet well all right oh yeah yeah yeah these wheels these wheels are really cool check these out if you remember this is the mg signature we reinvented that you get it also in matte black it’s our most expensive 4 units are on six hours in Europe 6000 euros over four rims for yeah you don’t just just not you don’t have paid six thousand for one but you could just find one is like a bit of bling they’re making a comeback because I haven’t seen these on ladies in a long time and again you get the most of matte black yeah I mean yeah I mean the the chrome dish is really cool how much input do you have in designing the rims and everything else responsibility water what’s coming then what do you think rims are of the future what’s your local I think I’m a big fan of black rims I was right black cars with black rims setup package all right like really means yeah are used to write all white and then we’ll set up an all black you’ve gone to the dark side yeah so that is definitely a trend colors we see more and more like different colors yeah movie the body colour so of course always to tone with the server a little aluminum and and the colour what about the shape that design actually the design of the rim because this is quite unusual you really don’t get to see this kind of design on a rim so is this the future of rims you think this kind of disc well to pleum and these deep dish we are typically using more on the mailbox right so we always need to design specific rims for all right there you go so the most expensive rims from Mercedes right here 6000 euro before b12 s 65 b12 final dishes I think most significant because these rose gold accents yeah we used Rome but I’m a big fan of rose gold exchange are you telling me that the rose gold is standard then they come standard no just on this final edition yeah yeah but this is that’s not an option like when you order this card yeah yeah this is part of this edition fact we also pick it up Indians here and see we have yeah the carbon fibers gold color carbon one-of-a-kind then you’ve got all of this stitching yes matching how many of these calls we’ll be only a hundred and thirty that’s not a lot 130 that’s crazy so you gotta get em created cool stuff around yeah okay so it’s good that I’ve already got my allocation I don’t brought those shoes today yeah the my sister’s yeah see I plan these things yeah thank you a black also so when we have to make the miracle busy and now we put angel yeah oh that’s cool can you explain this logo for for everyone this logo this is from a photobook word which is the homework hometown of Mg and apparently there’s many apple trees in the photobook and then the engine you know okay Mabel they have a like branding here on the side right oMG doesn’t usually do that let’s just go over to the main box so we can show you where it usually here it is but on the side of the car and that’s usually what you’ll see the tooth maybe when you think of classic cars they used to have the two-tone jello and you can choose the combination what color you want to have here and there it’s you it tomatoes new yeah we did not have that before yeah so this is really good and in fact our designers they take this line so they go over to the factory yeah and take this line so they can paint it so joining perfectly so you guys actually use type isn’t that interesting you know you think there’s got to be some kind of machine doing all of this but your design your you guys are actually sitting there with the tape when the factory put it on the con and they painted may pack is like and manufacturing is like a like a Swiss watches you know that makes a bit like what we have for AMG that’s our one man one engine that the guy who put the entire engine together signs in Indy and so just that it’s even more like handcrafted um this is the Maybach rules it’s inspired by the original America of course but also by like a construction so very nice thin lines here that’s a lot of status of course yeah the bigger the grille the better the status this is not uh this is not made by this yeah but this Mercedes Maybach we terminate the pure Maybach brand and now it’s a Mercedes Maybach so like Mercedes AMG omus a DC cube yes of luxury this is Mercedes Maybach for ultimate luxury I have a chauffeur now over Maybach – and he exchanged his side he put a Maybach band on it again yeah some people do that yeah all that guy trouble replacing Mercedes badge you know when you’re driving around the head designer of Mercedes not sure that’s a great idea why you can get a pillow a [ __ ] pillow good that’s you know us like this is like being in you know my blanket – champagne – please fridge so it’s got a fridge and okay what’s here I’m sure there are more things that’s a little magnet yeah that keeps it together this is what I’m talking about see ya first class conference is great don’t forget the pillow is this you’re doing all of this interior designs I mean I do every detail yeah good you are actually just in the back yet delegating my office yeah well you’re eating and sleeping your way through I love not okay so what food are we gonna get seriously yeah copy yarn champagne you know it comes in America this is beautiful so can we what can we do with the seats they go all the way back yeah this is lesson this is really good okay what you can do with the move the seat you have this button here that operates the front seat so you can move it back you can fold the headrest down so you have clear view and of course you can use all the space yeah then you can put it almost flat like a seat if you better to speak to and schotzie the head designer on Sadie’s himself awesome thank you check out you Instagram and follow him give him some love at Wegner all right thank you so much please give us a quick thumbs up like the video subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and we’ll see you around time out we’re out

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