New Mercedes-Benz Citan for the first time in tests

New Mercedes-Benz Citan for the first time in tests


Recently at the winter tests, the French have tested your new Renault, and now the crucible for the first time noticed the same Mercedes Citan.

As the current generation, the next Renault Kangoo and Mercedes Citan also share the platform. Therefore, the appearance of the new Citan was only a matter of time, since last summer, “lit up” the Kangoo, and after him came the platform Dacia Dokker.


Subtle touches, such as the headlights and license plate from Stuttgart, talking about the fact that this time we are dealing with Mercedes-Benz. In addition, the Citan looks like a pure twin brother Kangoo, with the exception of the extended rear lights in “German” that it is difficult to distinguish using camouflage sheeting.

New van usually does not entail any big surprises from the point of view of design. This also applies to Kangoo, Citan and Dokker. Patent image that appeared at the end of last year, makes clear how will look like the Kangoo. Imagine a little more pointy front part in the style of a Mercedes Vito and a different shape rear lights, and you Citan. It is expected that Mercedes, Renault and Dacia will be presented later this year.

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