New Mercedes-Benz will be stored at 40% of the redistributed materials


Mercedes-Benz is continuing to work on the development of technologies and materials to allow March 2039 to produce cars with zero CO2 emissions. As part of this strategy, engineers are already adding a number of materials to the manufacturing process, which are being processed. For a stretch of ten years, the German automaker plans to bring a part of the second layer in the design of passenger cars to 40 widows.

During the production of machines, the company plans to victoriously recycle fishnets, PET-flats, as well as materials prepared from mixed butt-holes and polystyrene in a chemical way. Automobile pіnopolyurethane can be vikoristovuvaty like napovnjuvach sidіn. In addition, the automaker can zastosovuvat indnovlyuvannya materials, such as kilim from bamboo fibers and shovkopodibna syrovina, so as not to avenge the products of the creature’s adventure.

The company was given a boost that in the A-class, E-class, as well as the new C-class EQE, steel is already stagnant, with the increase in CO2 emissions, they decreased by 60 kWh. With this in the design of the Mercedes-AMG SL, engineers vicorist a unique alloy, which is made up of recycled aluminum bruchtu. The deputy of the piece shkir brand is planning to vicorize the fibers for cactus and mushroom mycelium.

For the next decade, the company is going to introduce new environmentally friendly and safe technologies in serial production.

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