New Mercedes GLC: the first image

New Mercedes GLC: the first image


Following the Mercedes SUV GLC will have technology from the S-Class and exclusive images show how it could look like when they appear in mid-2022. This elegant appearance can be the envy of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

The SUV market premium is not in place, and Mercedes has already started the development of a fully revised version of its mid-size GLC and its output to the market, to be held in mid-2022, it will complete one of the most loaded periods in the history of German companies, as in the exhibition halls directs the flow of new models.


GLC is one of the newest members of the family Mercedes-Benz SUV, which since entering the market in 2015 brings great profit to the company. The SUVs accounted for more than 33% of global sales of the brand, and GLC is the best-selling SUV Mercedes-Benz in the UK. Not to yield to the positions of such competitors as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, Mercedes decided to make major changes in the technology and quality, starting with a radical upgrade GLC interior, which will largely rely on the style of the future of the sedan S-Class.

Digital displays, stretching horizontally across the dashboard of the current GLC is replaced with the portrait oriented display, which is located on the center console. Small touchpad with buttons below the display provide quick access to functions of the climate control and navigation. Dashboard high end car will be completely free from any physical buttons and dials.

Judging by the spy photos, the GLC increased in size: it will be lower and longer than its predecessor, and the changes are designed to give the SUV a more elegant look. Exclusive images give the best idea of how it could look like the model in the showroom with the latest advances in Mercedes design and the “family” treatment of the headlights.

GLC will continue modular rear-drive architecture of the Mercedes, but a major improvement will allow the company to provide a wider choice of hybrid power systems and more sophisticated Autonomous driving technology. The use of more energy-intensive batteries should increase the range of up to 56 km. Mercedes will continue to develop its hydrogen fuel cell technology with GLC F-Cell. This ensures that the company will provide one of the widest ranges of powertrains in the new GLC.

Underlying the range of engines will also consist of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, but it is expected that they will work in conjunction with the new 48-volt mild hybrid system. These units Mercedes calls the EQ Boost. In addition, the expected appearance in the lineup more efficient plug-in hybrid variants GLC badges EQ Power.


The German automaker hopes to make strides in the technologies of Autonomous driving, as it seeks to bring the functionality of the autopilot level 3 outside of the upcoming S-Class. New software and hardware, including radars, lidars and sensors may allow the GLC to carry out a limited Autonomous driving when it is permitted by law.

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