New Mitsubishi L200 can start to “hundred” for 3.5 seconds

New Mitsubishi L200 can start to “hundred” for 3.5 seconds

In Australia presents unbelievable racing Mitsubishi L200 pick-up. Created it specifically for the local championship ECB SuperUtes.

Charged pick up truck created in the Triton Racing team with support from the Australian division of Mitsubishi Motors. 2.4-liter turbine diesel new GTurbo, replaced the injectors and the electronic control unit.

Power increased to 344 HP and torque to 677 Nm. In addition, the new Mitsubishi L200 light weight, so can start to hundred in 3.5 seconds and develop 240 km/h.

Mitsubishi pickup received a new 6-speed manual transmission, sameblock and horizontal shock absorbers. In addition, he has a completely new rear suspension, and replaced the front struts and springs. There was a powerful Brembo brakes and 20-inch rollers.

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