New Mitsubishi Outlander: hi Nissan!

New Mitsubishi Outlander: hi Nissan!


Model transformed both outside and inside. In addition, she moved to “the truck” Renault-Nissan.

SUV Mitsubishi Outlander next generation has already been caught during testing. And now fresh the – it was published in your Twitter user @hirocci966. The photo shows the feed, but, unlike the previous frames, in less camouflage tape, so we can consider the details.

So, the exterior design of the new Outlander is made based on the concept Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer, introduced last year in Geneva: the street lamps have the same shape, although the filling easier. If to compare with the current Outlander the new located on the rear bumper reflectors now in the form of horizontal stripes. Well, thanks to the previous pictures, we know that Outlander has received the bunk head optics, but the top section made a little wider.

The interior of the new Outlander is not marred. Most likely, inside also inspired last year’s prototype, that is, waiting for a multimedia system with a “stuck” to the front of a large “tablet” (the current cross-screen integrated in the dashboard) and the virtual “tidy”.

According to preliminary data, the Outlander shared a platform with the new Nissan X-Trail (Nissan have only submitted the American version called Rogue). We are talking about the upgraded version of the “trolley” CMF-C/D from the Renault-Nissan (the original platform was created before Mitsubishi entered into an Alliance, well, the actual Outlander is based on Mitsubishi GS platform). Some Japanese media believe that the dimensions of the Mitsubishi SUV was closer to the Nissan. Length of the current Outlander is equal to 4695 mm, wheelbase – 2670 mm. with the new us Nissan Rogue, the figures are 4648 (38 mm less than its predecessor) and 2705 mm, respectively (was the same).


Profile informed the Japanese media wrote that the motors are “traditional” Outlander can accrue from the related cross Nissan, but it is not known what. American Rogue after the change of generations kept “aspirated” 2.5, while it now has direct injection (previously distributed) and outputs 184 HP and 245 Nm (was 172 HP and 237 Nm).

The range of the current Mitsubishi Outlander depending on the market includes gasoline engines 2.0, 2.4 and 3.0, diesel 2.2. Also, the Outlander is a plug-in-hybrid, this SUV 2.4 petrol, two electric motors (one on each axle) and a battery capacity of 13.8 kW. So the hybrid must remain in service, moreover, allegedly it will come back on exchange: the Outlander PHEV will share the installation with Nissan (change technique hybrid Mitsubishi data yet).

New Outlander must submit before the end of this year. Global fresh Nissan X-Trail also makes its debut in 2020.

Learn more about models Mitsubishi Outlander 2020 in our market, you can rubric Chepachet:

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