New Mitsubishi were “old” Renault

New Mitsubishi were “old” Renault


Both externally and technically Mitsubishi Express copies the Renault Trafic – vans with different badges, front bumpers, radiator grilles and hoods, and equipment. On sale van Mitsubishi will go in the summer.

Van Mitsubishi repeats a facelifted version of Renault Trafic the third generation. However, most of the options the monocab under the Japanese brand has not got: so far Mitsubishi claimed to Express only the utilitarian version with halogen headlights, black plastic bumpers, a triple parlor and budget the front panel without the multimedia complex and support services Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Mitsubishi Express – not the first “clone” the actual Renault Trafic. The monocab French company is Italian (Fiat Talento) and Japanese (Nissan NV300) copies, in addition to 2018, the model was the German “fellow” Opel Vivaro.


Variability in body styles have a Mitsubishi Express limited: the buyer can choose only the wheelbase cargo van, but the flaps at the rear and sliding doors on both sides uncontested, modification of passenger or chassis cab cannot be ordered.

Under the hood of the “Express” French turbodiesels: a 140-horsepower (340 Nm) 1.6-liter or 170-horsepower (380 Nm) 2.0-liter. Both unit is combined with a 6-speed “mechanics”, and a more powerful unit to complement the 6-speed double clutch “robot”. Drive to the front wheels.

The list of equipment includes five airbags, cruise control, Bluetooth, headset, rearview camera, rear Parking sensors, stabilization system, adjustable steering column for height and reach, rain sensors and light. Led headlamps, cargo six-seater cabin, and an advanced media system may emerge later.

Although Mitsubishi Express, and Renault Trafic will be produced at one plant in France, while among the markets of the van under the Japanese trademark includes only Australia and Oceania.

Prices will be announced closer to start of sales, scheduled for July. We must assume that the monocab Mitsubishi will be cheaper than Renault Trafic, which is in Australia a minimum of 37 990 local dollars.

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