New motorcycle Kawasaki Z650RS


The Japanese manufacturer has officially unveiled the Kawasaki Z650RS 2022, made in the neo retro style of the older version of the Z900RS.

The Kawasaki Z650RS 2022 is based on the Z650, making it look more retro from a visual point of view. The chassis and engine are the same as on the Z650, while the focus is on ergonomics and design. The new Kawasaki Z650RS comes with a taller handlebar and a more comfortable two-person saddle.

Other Kawasaki Z650RS 2022 Parts:

  • alloy wheels
  • analog tidy with small LCD screen
  • LED optics in a circle
  • Bosch 9.1 M ABS
  • weight 187 kg with all liquids
  • price from $ 9000
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