New motorcycle Triumph Tiger Sport 660 2022

New motorcycle Triumph Tiger Sport 660 2022


The new Triumph Tiger Sport 660 touring motorcycle was officially unveiled, although we already talked a lot about it and knew many details. However, let’s go over the main features.

In the US market, the price of a motorcycle starts at $ 9295, which is quite good for a well-stocked bike. The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is expected to be equipped with an 80 hp three-cylinder engine. and a torque of 64 Nm. Judging by the 17-inch wheels, the bike is designed for road use, although a more off-road version is likely to be released in the future.

Features of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 2022:

  • small LCD tidy
  • traction control, ABS, two modes (rain / road)
  • LED optics
  • tubular steel frame
  • curb weight 206 kg
  • fuel tank 16.6 liters
  • budget suspension (only preload adjustable shock absorber)

We are waiting for the off-road option.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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