New Multivan T7 debuts today

New Multivan T7 debuts today


VW will unveil the T7 generation Multivan passenger commercial vehicle today, and in a few hours it will be shown online. The live stream starts at 12:00 ET / 16:00 GMT.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has never had such an extensive advertising campaign for a new product, even for the Amarok pickup. The advertising campaign for the updated Multivan was the most impressive. The T7-based version of the model will debut later today, promising to be more car-like than ever before thanks to the move to the MQB platform used by many of the German VAG passenger models.

VW revealed quite a few details about the new product in preparation for its world premiere, including the presence of a plug-in hybrid power plant with an undefined range in pure electric mode.

The all-new Multivan will come exclusively with an automatic transmission and an electric parking brake to free up extra space inside the impressively spacious cab.

For the first time in history, the Multivan is equipped with separate seats for the third row, which sit on the sides of the table, placed on a rail system that allows it to be moved back and forth. The second row seats can be rotated 180 degrees to create a face-to-face seating arrangement, while the lighter second and third rows can be removed completely to create ample cargo space.

Another innovation for the new Multivan T7 is the panoramic sunroof, which not only makes the cabin more spacious, but also increases headroom. There should also be extra leg and shoulder room as VW has already announced that the new Multivan will have a longer wheelbase and wider tires. Early teasers showed a twin-screen setup in the cabin inspired by the VW Golf Mk 8 hatchback to highlight the fact that it combines the benefits of a minivan wrapped in a more car-like package.

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