New Mustang: all-wheel drive and a hybrid

New Mustang: all-wheel drive and a hybrid


If nothing will stop the reverse, the legendary muscle car will get a partial electrification by 2022. The model will be produced in the United States and possibly in the European Union.

According to the manual of the brand you can understand that the Ford Mustang will soon become part of the strategic plan of the company for the reduction of CO2 emissions and the increasing production of electric cars. By 2022 Ford wants to produce about 18 hybrid models. One of them will see this fall.


Ford hopes that the new hybrid will be as popular as its predecessor, 2015. It became the first car brand, which is sold in almost every corner of the globe.

Now the company was able to sell about 55 thousand cars of Ford Mustang. This figure could put a record in terms of sales, because never in the history of the model it would not sell so many.

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