New Nissan Juke 2020: a story in an informal setting

New Nissan Juke 2020: a story in an informal setting


Due to the fact that the fate of the new Nissan Juke 2020 model year in Ukraine is still unknown (that is, exact dates, configurations and prices even the official representation of yet does not name), our team was asked to put the, already filmed, test drive a little later. That is six months…

But we decided to show you how I went to the presentation of this crossover in Poland. And most importantly, the frame is quite often Juke. But the story about it will be in a very informal setting.

What do we know about the presented crossover? 1.0-liter turbo engine with 117 force and 180 Nm of torque, 7-speed “robot” with two dry clutches, the monodrive. 10 cm longer wheelbase, came back on 6 cm more space. To complement the Juke can two-tone paint, two-tone interior and a stereo system with two speakers in each headrest. For more information you can find in our catalog.

But this story is not only about the new crossover. It is about the impressions of their stay in Poland. About Gdansk – a very beautiful port city with an incredible history. And how are field tests team InfoCar.

Details in our review. Pleasant viewing!

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