New Nissan Juke at old prices (almost)

New Nissan Juke at old prices (almost)


Imagine a picture: filled with feelings of pride, you walk into the salon of your favorite brand with your head held high to finally become the happy owner of that very … The very coveted car for which you worked so hard, spent many sleepless nights watching tests on YouTube and studied various forums.

It would seem that nothing can stop you, when suddenly … It turns out that the manager can offer you nothing else besides coffee – there is nothing in stock, and you will have to wait another year or two for the order, or maybe all three … Further – frustration and everything that follows: anger, resentment, powerlessness, depression, irritation, aggression … But how to avoid all this?

Easy! A new Nissan Juke has recently arrived in Ukraine. And not only did he come to us at a lower price compared to Europe, the importer also has a warehouse of cars! Therefore, of course, we decided to return to the “WhatWhy” format.

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