New Nissan R36 GT-R will be electrified


Nissan is in no hurry to introduce the successor to the current R35 GT-R, but the work is in full swing.

The company does not hide the fact that the discussion is the question of what powertrain it will use. Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist GT-R, at the recent launch in Australia of the anniversary version of the model Nissan GT-R and 370Z said in an interview with Car Sales that the automaker is still weighing its possibilities.

On the question of considering whether they are hybrid or fully electric drivetrain, Tamura responded that the Council Nissan has not yet made a decision.


“I have to wait. I’m just a conductor when you create a GT-R. the Company will show me the members of the orchestra. They need to decide who will play the violin, and someone on the tube. I mean, what technology do we need to install? Twenty years is a time of breakthroughs in technology. It depends on the direction of the company,” – said a top Manager.

There is absolutely no doubt that Nissan is ready to replace the current generation of the sports car Nissan GT-R, but we will have to wait a bit. Tamura repeated previous allegations of the company that, although there is a R35 12 years, his story is not so long. In fact, the same basic architecture and drivetrain was used for model generations R32, R33 and R34, so Nissan clearly believes that he has time to R35 had to resign.

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