New Nissan X-Trail: all the details about the product

New Nissan X-Trail: all the details about the product


Nissan X-Trail release in its current form for seven years – from 2013. He still holds the status of a reliable car with lots of advantages, which, however, are already beginning to fade under the pressure of many competitors, who had to change the generation.

Therefore, the fourth X-Trail is on the way. It is known that the next crossover will get more attractive and roomier predecessor, and will have a modern electronic chips through collaboration Nissan with Mitsubishi.

As the X-Trail will look like?

The predecessor of the fourth Nissan X-Trail will have a much more cheerful appearance that will be fulfilled with an eye on the youth compact crossovers Juke Kicks and a second-generation, as well as on the concept car Xmotion presented at the beginning of 2018. Based on the leaked official pictures of the new X-Trail, the crossover will receive a two-level optics with a slim upper daytime running lights are visually United with a signature radiator grille V-Motion.

In the back of the body can be traced similarities with the current model, from which the new product will get feeds with comparable proportions as well as similar lights. However, the car will look more aggressive thanks to the extra plastic body kit and imposing new protective plates of the bottom. It is possible that the crossover will be available with a seven-seater cabin – at the moment this modification is only found in China.


But what’s inside?

In General, the interior will undergo even greater changes than the exterior. Spy photos of the X-Trail say that the crossover will receive a new multifunctional steering wheel with a beveled lower segment, a fully digital dashboard and a large multimedia display, enclosed in a separate block. Unlike some other major brands, Nissan has decided to abandon the vertical tablets in favor of screens with horizontal. The Japanese call such a layout a more secure, ergonomic, and stylistically correct.

Under the touchscreen there is the block of climatic installation with narrow ducts, and a brand new Central console with small electronic gear selector and round, switch to off-road driving. In General, the interior will use higher-quality materials, metal inserts and decorative elements in wood.

What are the engines?

Apparently, as the basic unit of the fourth Nissan X-Trail for the global market will remain a 2.5-liter atmospheric “four”. In this case we are talking about a significantly upgraded engine, which, for example, the Altima sedan, the new generation produces 191 HP and 245 Nm of torque – at 20 strength and 12 N·m more than the current engine. Powertrain will remain the same six – speed “mechanics” or variator.

Plus, in some markets, the top version of crossover can get an innovative two-liter unit VC-T was the first production engine with a variable compression ratio, which is still familiar to us only in the latest models controlled by “Nissan” Infinti brand. Finally, in Europe X-Trail after the change of generation can maintain the current 1.3-litre petrol “turbotron” and diesel volume of 1.6 liters.


New Nissan X-Trail will technically close the next Mitsubishi Outlander – two Japanese companies are actively exchanging technologies in the framework of the Alliance Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi. This suggests that the X-Trail, you may receive a hybrid power unit with possibility of recharge of batteries from the mains. According to preliminary data, it will include a new 2.4-liter gasoline engine, two electric motor and battery pack that will allow you to drive solely on “green” propulsion up to 70 kilometers.

And what about the equipment?

In some markets, already standard on the crossover will include advanced proprietary system of semiautomatic control ProPilot, operating on the basis of a set of cameras, sensors and sensors. The car is the emergency braking function with the ability to recognize pedestrians and cyclists, the help system when leaving the Parking lot in reverse, the control of road signs and restraint system of the car in his lane.

The readings and other important information will be duplicated on the projection display. In addition, the Nissan X-Trail will get media interfaces for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the wireless access point to the Internet.

How much will it cost?

The premiere of Nissan X-Trail the fourth generation will be held in the next few months, and car sales start late this or early next year. The main competitor of the crossover will become the new Toyota RAV4 (from 24 900$) and Skoda Kodiaq (28 260$), KIA Sportage (from 17 400$) and Hyundai Tucson (21 500$).

About the cost of a new Nissan X-Trail too early to say. The model of the current-generation Nissan X-Trail in Ukraine available at a price of 20 $ 600.

Find out more about current model Nissan X-Trail in our market, you can rubric Chepachet:

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