New Nissan X-Trail dropped a piece of camouflage and flashed a two-storey optics

New Nissan X-Trail dropped a piece of camouflage and flashed a two-storey optics


A prototype of the future crossover caught photospin on the roads of Las Vegas.

In the Nissan prefer not to focus public attention on the work to create a new generation SUV. However, from time to time test instances X-Trail/Rogue still caught the eye – and sometimes slightly open a veil of secrecy over some nuances.

In these photos, published in Instagram account CocheSpias, prototypes still wrapped in heavy camouflage. But even under the tight black attire may be something to consider: for example, the radiator grille, which, it seems, will not undergo almost no change, or a new led optics, which on the contrary, will change dramatically.

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Gracias @kjosef_automotive nos manda estas fotos del futuro Nissan X-Trail de pruebas por Las Vegas que se encuentran en un estado des?rtico. ?Promete la nueva generaci?n? #nissan #nissanxtrail2021 #nissanrogue2022 #nissanrogue2021 #instanissan #carspy #carscoops #cochespias #fotosespia

Publication of CocheSpias (@cochespias)22 Mar 2020 2:12 PDT

Apparently, Nissan chose to do without a design revolution. Clearly evident that the new crossover will retain almost the same silhouette with the same drip line and the location of the side Windows. But it can be assumed that the body X-Trail will improve in the direction of increase torsional stiffness or programmed deformation zones.


We had been able to look inside the test machines: the interior of the SUV will be updated much bigger. Nissan X-Trail will get, for example, planetology an impressive touchscreen multimedia system, digital instrument panel and a compact joystick for the transmission. By the way, similar changes may get in the future and the new Mitsubishi Outlander.

As for the engine range, on this account, no details yet. In Ukraine, the SUV X-Trail is available at a price of 20 $ 700.

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