New Opel Mokka – electrical and charging!

New Opel Mokka – electrical and charging!


Electric drive with no emissions of CO2, plus an energetic and “charging” character – that is the New Opel Mokka. The German Brand is the second generation of its compact bestseller: a powerful, dynamic, brand-new Opel Mokka. The car offers all-electric drive with zero tailpipe emissions, greater efficiency and compact size than ever before. In the end, the novelty turns into the perfect transportation for urban travel, but also not saved, and before the high-speed autobahn.

“The new generation Opel Mokka – this is the turning point that will change the perception of our Brand! With the model Mokka, Opel we re-invent and present our corporate design for the next decade. The car shows all based on what a Brand today and in the future: Mokka is the fun and excitement, but also innovation and efficiency. In addition, the novelty perfectly embodies the Brand values Opel – exciting, approachable, German, progressive car for everyone. This is the first Opel model which was originally designed as an electric car: the real proof that the Brand is successfully working on the development of electrification of the model range”, – enthusiastically said Michael Vosseller (Michael Lohscheller), Director of the Opel Brand.

The new generation Opel Mokka: main

Despite the small increase in wheelbase (+2 mm), the new Opel Mokka became 12.5 cm shorter than its predecessor, while still offering enough internal space for five people and useful cargo volume 350 litres in the standard version of the Luggage compartment. With a total length of a new total of 4.15 meters, the car is very comfortable, simple, maneuvering to traffic and Parking on tight city streets. The design of the new generation Opel Mokka impresses with its stunningly-adjusted proportions of the body, fascinating precision fitting of parts, impressive bold looks with short overhangs and wide body visually. Especially it should be noted that the novelty is the Brand’s first model, which demonstrates “the future face of the brand” and a fully digital instrument cluster new generation: Opel Opel Vizor and Pure Panel, respectively. You no longer need analog devices, bizarre and useless decorative animations – now the driver can be focused precisely on the information that is really needed. The basis of the front of the salon sets the horizontal panel, which combines two of the widescreen display – and in front of the driver features a 12-inch screen. A second display located in the Central part of the cabin. At the same time, to preserve intuitive control so as not to distract the driver’s attention, the designers Opel saved real buttons and physical controls for basic functions.

New Opel Mokka continues the tradition of the Brand to debut an innovative technology: from the world of cars in a segment of more mass models aimed at a wide range of buyers. An example would be this advanced system, like adaptive cruise control ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) with the function of a full stop and the beginning of the movement “Stop&Go”. This technology allows not only the novice but also the experienced driver easily and happily pass the traffic jams. So, the electric car Opel Mokka-e can automatically follow the car in front, without requiring any action by the driver to control the brake pedal or accelerator. Another example: active system monitoring lane, Active Lane Positioning allows you to automatically keeps the car Opel Mokka in the center of the lane.


Especially worth noting is the lighting system, which offers technology cars a class above. We are talking about matrix LED headlamps adaptive IntelliLux®, which include 14 led elements: this allows to “cut” or passing oncoming cars so as not to blind their drivers is a unique solution in its class! It should be noted that all versions of the Opel Mokka as standard equipment get led optics front and rear, electric Parking brake, the recognition of road signs. Also for the new available rear view camera with 180-degree panoramic view.

The second generation of the Opel Mokka is created on the new version high-performance platform CMP (Common Modular Platform), which is multifunctional – i.e. allow the use of different types of power plants. This easy and effective modular system provides maximum flexibility in designing vehicles and allows the use as a pure electric drive with battery and internal combustion engines: each client has a choice. Opel engineering group, on the one hand, worked to decrease the mass of the novelties – in the end managed to achieve relief of up to 120 kg compared with the previous generation of car in the same version. On the other hand, the creators have managed to significantly improve the rigidity and increase of +30% (in the case of the electric version). The advantages of these approaches are obvious: the new Opel Mokka requires much less energy for movement but offers a much more responsive and fun nature of management.

For the first time in the history of Opel’s new Mokka will be initially available in fully electric versions – with the start of production of the model. The electric car Opel Mokka-e combines movement with no exhaust and an exciting drive. The electric motor offers a maximum output of 100 kW (136 HP) and 260 Nm torque, all of this can be obtained immediately after starting the first revolution of the rotor! Quick response, agility of movement, good dynamics are key features that describe a new product-an electric car. The driver can choose from three driving modes – “Normal”, “Eco”, “Sport” – to achieve the best balance, the greatest reserve, or the most interesting and dynamic nature of the electric. The maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 150 km/h (to maintain optimal reserve). So, thanks to the battery capacity of 50 kWh, the electric car Opel Mokka-e offers a range of up to 322 kilometers (according to the rules of measurement WLTP) in “Normal” driving mode. In this mode the “Eco” will help to drive even more by reducing energy consumption for secondary systems and the activation of a particularly Thrifty settings for the power unit. The function of quick charging using direct current (DC) 100 kW power allows to charge the battery to 80% of its rated capacity in just 30 minutes. In addition, the electric car Opel Mokka-e is equipped with a built-in battery charger to work with alternating current (AC) power up to 11 kW: novelty can be charged from a 1 – or 3-phase current, normal household socket or charging stations “Wallbox”. On the traction battery has a separate warranty with a duration of eight years.

“New face” of the Opel Brand, a new design of the salon

In the second generation of the car again uses the name “Mokka” without any additives – as during the debut of the original-generation model in 2012. For the first time for the Brand Opel, model name proudly stretched out on the center of the rear panel, also used a new font. The second generation of the Opel Mokka looks durable and hardy. The smooth surface and bold body lines are complemented by short overhangs (minus 61 mm at the front and minus 66 mm at the rear compared to the previous generation of the car). And the extension of the body – plus a 10 mm – and visually stretched silhouette in the end allow you to build the ideal proportion of new items: a sort of “hard-downed small”. The compact size and overall proportions of the body make it even more noticeable are the huge 18-inch wheels – looks more impressive than ever before.

Opel Mokka the second generation is also the first model that demonstrates a new and unmistakable-recognizable “face” Brand: Opel Vizor. Large, elegant, a module Opel Vizor combines the signature elements of matrix led headlights LED IntelliLux latest generation of led daytime lights in the form of lightning, which emphasize the legendary logo: lightning “Opel Blitz”! The front part in the style of Opel Vizor, developed by a design team headed by mark Adams (Mark Adams) will be a distinctive feature of all new models of the Brand during the 2020-ies.

This design philosophy is also reflected in the interior, which is built around the architecture of the front panel “Pure Panel”, repeating the idea of “Opel Vizor”. A display size of 10 and 12 inches must impress the driver and passengers. The Central display is specially turned to the driver, and the vents pushed into the background – all in order to improve the focus on the most important channel of information. The front panel is “Pure Panel” uses the latest technology and delivers only the most important information to the driver in the end, removing all visual elements that can irritate. The form of the centre console are also made as brief as possible. Thanks to the new lever automatic transmission and an electric Parking brake, managed to eliminate protruding elements, in the end, nothing disturbs the design “clean”. All other elements and control modules elegantly integrated into the interior of the car.

Leadership in the segment: high tech light technology from Opel

New Opel Mokka comes in B-class with the best innovations, which until recently was only available for cars of the highest class. The Opel brand is one of the leaders in the lighting industry. Therefore, all versions of Mokka models originally equipped with led headlamps of the most modern generation: from the main light, continuing the daytime running lights in a typical chart, “lightning Opel”, finishing fog lamps. In the rear of the car also used an unusual light optics. The use of innovative LEDs allowed the designers to create a very thin and elongated lights that add a sense of accuracy and build quality.


Absolute exclusive in this segment are adaptive matrix LED headlights IntelliLux, which accounted for 14 of the lighting elements. As in the case of models of Opel Insignia, Opel Astra, Opel Corsa, this matrix led optics allows you to constantly use the high beams. So as not to blind oncoming traffic or drivers of vehicles, the individual led elements can be switched off within milliseconds, allowing for “cut” or passing oncoming cars. The result: no one is blinded by the distant light, the driver of the Opel Mokka receives the best possible level of lighting – almost like the floodlights at the stadium.

It can offer numerous driver assistance system. For example, adaptive cruise control ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) with the function of a full stop and the beginning of the movement “Stop&Go”. Or active system monitoring lane, Active Lane Positioning, which automatically keeps the car Opel Mokka in the center of the lane.

Exceptional comfort and convenience “every day”

Excellent and comfortable seat – this is a typical praise for Opel cars. For the new Opel Mokka is available in different types of chairs with the right ergonomic shape, with individual adjustment in six directions. In addition, the car can be equipped with sports seats or luxury seats with leather trim – which is very unusual for a car of B-class. Finally, the “crown of evolution” for interior Opel Mokka is a seat with leather upholstery, electric heating, original perforation, and even – attention! – massage function for the back.

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The driver and front passenger can put their smartphones in a special compartment located on the center console. It provides inductive wireless charging (for compatible smartphones), very convenient and useful function. Rubber Mat prevents slipping of the device – this is example of care in the details from the Opel. The new range of infotainment system integrates online services, and also supports the connection of a smartphone by protocols Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The buyer of the proposed multimedia system Multimedia or Multimedia Navi Radio with 7-inch colour touch screen and the latest Multimedia system with Navi Pro 10-inch color touchscreen and HD. Whatever system is not the buyer chose, it will be elegantly integrated into the front panel “Pure Panel” and located just perfectly towards the driver.

Bright, dynamic, exciting Opel Mokka second generation will be available for order in Europe since the end of summer 2020. The novelty will appear in dealer centers of the Brand from the beginning of 2021. In addition to the electric version, also for the Opel Mokka will be available highly efficient diesel and petrol engines.

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