New OPEL Mokka goes on the road – and now it’s electric!


The new generation OPEL Mokka goes on the road. Let the novelty still completely hidden by the camouflage, but she’s already ready for the first tests – and this is extremely important for engineers OPEL. Because now the OPEL Mokka is converted into an electric one!

The second generation of the OPEL Mokka is radically new, from design and construction through transition to innovative technologies of electric drive. So the electric car requires careful tuning, testing, inspection before entering the market: the production of OPEL Mokka will start in the fourth quarter of this year. The first production version will be fully electric and should arrive to customers in early 2021. By the way, contrast the letter “K” to camouflage emphasizes the name of the model: Yes, now it’s just a “Mokka”.

New without the prefix “X” in the title – as the first generation of the bestseller, presented in 2012. Then the OPEL Mokka is impressive for its compact size, solid appearance, spacious interior. The novelty will also be small in size but it will give a feeling of strength and power. At the same time, the second generation of the OPEL Mokka promises a more progressive and modern style, is still better suited for city driving even more impressions and emotions. Striking and bold design reflects effective and innovative – the nature of the electric car, which will be available from the beginning of sales of model. Customers will be able to enjoy the exciting dynamics all-electric version of the OPEL Mokka, although the novelty will also be offered with traditional internal combustion engines.

In spite of disguise and camouflage, the new generation of the OPEL Mokka can now demonstrate the dynamic proportions of the body with short overhangs – in full accordance with the further development of the design philosophy of OPEL. The novelty combines German engineering with a clear design language. Driver and passengers will appreciate the “digital” salon: the most informative, yet easy to use. Also, Opel designers have paid close attention to reducing unnecessary elements, focusing on the Essentials.

OPEL CEO Michael Vosseller (Michael Lohscheller) said:

“I have closely followed the development of the new generation model Mokka last 2.5 years. And in the end, I can say that I am very proud of the new project OPEL, which will be offered in the form of an electric vehicle originally since the launch! I can promise that the novelty will be one of the most exciting and unique in the long history of our Brand. The second generation of the Mokka shows the basis of what is being built on the success of OPEL today and in the future this model will change the perception of our Brand. Engineers still are doing important work in testing and refining new products, but I’m already looking forward to the opportunity to introduce the OPEL Mokka is the second generation in the near future. And believe me – этf the novelty will surprise you!”.

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