New Opel: no emblems and stilettos

New Opel: no emblems and stilettos


The Opel brand has decided to “digitize” the corporate logos and nameplates glued to the car bodies. They will be replaced with QR codes on future brand models.

Codes on Opel brand models will not be simple, but designer ones, with the designation iQR. They can be given any shape. Therefore, customers should not be afraid that the outer surface of Opel cars will be strewn with black and white pixel squares. For example, on the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD concept car, such a QR code took the form of a ramp.

“Working on the coding of the Manta GSe ElektroMOD logo gave us a unique experience: transforming the usual square structure of a QR code into a ramp and making the emblem move through digital animation. This is what I call the real challenge. We have already coped with this challenge for the future, and this is a real sensation, “said Hara Masahiro Jr., chief graphic designer of iQR codes at Opel, a descendant of the famous inventor of the first QR code.

The new model Astra will receive the first iQR-code from the serial cars of the German brand. Its premiere will take place at the end of this year. What form this code will take on this car has not yet been reported. The manufacturer says that the new technology will expand the possibilities of communication between people. Any driver or pedestrian can scan the code on an Opel car with their smartphone and write it to the owner. Text and other messages will be displayed in the multimedia machine. In addition, the iQR code will contain useful data for servicemen and may even turn into a part of the payment system in the future.

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