New OSACV: fines and tariffs in 2021

New OSACV: fines and tariffs in 2021


Bagato drivers in Ukraine are not hunted by the Law “On the provision of insurance of civil and legal information about the owners of land transport vehicles” Since 2019, auto insurance has become binding for all of the country, and at one o’clock a new innovation has appeared, about which dosi are not leathery.

In order to avoid any inappropriateness and penalties from the police, will send a video review of the OCACV online. To re-establish the policy, you will need to adjust the filter and vibrate the required option. Online loan processing about 15 hilin.

Some innovations in OSCP systems appeared in 2021

Tariff adjustment

For quiet, hto regularly ruin the rules of the road ruin, fines and flaunt for a high tariff. Insurers may have the right to search for damage at the central base, that, in the absence of the situation, live in.

Penalties for driving without OCSP

Insurance є with the same binding document, as і water rights. The policy has the right to revise documents from any kind of driver: by car number, insurance, or through the QR code of the insurance policy. Penalties for the visibility of the OCSPV can be finessed on a daily basis.

New rules for technical gaze: regressive postures

Technical service manuals will enter information about the technical specification into the online database: photo and coordinates of the vehicle. Price is required for large storage of diagnostic cards. Do not forget to forget about those who are technical gazebo є obov’yazkovim during the restoration of insurance. In case of an accident, driving without a whole procedure, you can get a viplat from an insurance company. Proceedings can predict poses in case of road accidents, as the fault is not passed diagnostics.

If you want to avoid calls and fines, or you can issue a vehicle in Dnipropetrovsk on the site, Kiev, Kharkiv and in the other cities of Ukraine, you can go to

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